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Firestone tyres shot to fame following racing driver Barney Oldfield’s exclamation that his “only life insurance is Firestone tyres”.

Following this, Firestone have become a famous manufacturer producing only the safest, most reliable and high performing tyres. With a vast array of tyres to suit different vehicle specifications and driving conditions and environments, Firestone supply tyres to suit almost any customer. From Firehawk GTA tyres for high-speed and high-performance driving, to Affinity Touring tyres with improved traction for wet or snowy conditions, their tyres are consistently high quality and reliable.

At Tyres Northampton we are proud to stock the superior quality range of tyres on offer from Firestone to customers in the Northampton area. For more information or to arrange the comprehensive fitting of a set of tyres for your vehicle, contact our friendly team of professionals today.


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