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What Happens if My Car Fails its MOT?

what happens if car fails its MOT

When your car fails its MOT, you will be issued a VT30 ‘Refusal of MOT Test Certificate’. This will have your car details on it, the MOT test number and the reasons as to why your car didn’t pass. In the event of a retest or appeal, you’ll need to present this certificate – so keep it handy!

What Should You Do if Your Car Fails its MOT?

You will need to address any issues listed on the VT30 before having a partial retest. You can either:

  • Leave the car to be fixed by the garage in which it has already been tested
  • Take the car, repair the faults within one working day and return for a free partial retest
  • Take the car, repair the faults within ten working days and return for a partial retest at approximately half the cost of the original test
  • Take the car and return for a test after 10 working days, at which point you will have to pay for a new full MOT test

How to Appeal the MOT?

Of course, if you feel your car has been failed unfairly, you have the right to appeal the MOT. However, you should be certain of the reasons the center has given for failing the vehicle, to ensure there has been no miscommunication.

  • Firstly, you must obtain a complaint form. Fill this out and send it to the DVSA within 14 days of the original test date. Do not repair or modify the car during this time, otherwise your appeal will be cancelled. An alternative appointment to retest your car will be made within five days. You are required to pay the MOT fee again and you will be issued a full or partial refund if the appeal is a success.

You cannot drive a car with an invalid MOT at any time.

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