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What are the Benefits of Wheel Alignment?

wheel alignment illustration - wheel alignment being carried out at Tyres Northampton

When you have your wheels aligned professionally, you can expect the following benefits: increased fuel efficiency, improvements to vehicle safety, a reduction in expensive repairs, smoother driving and increased tyre life.

Read about each one in detail below.

✓ Increased fuel efficiency will mean more miles per gallon and cheaper overall fuel costs throughout the year. This is due to the wheels working correctly together and not opposed in a way that may increase drag and friction between the tyres and the road.

✓ Improvements to vehicle safety are typically the main reason that tyres should be aligned and balanced. With the wheels and tyres running straight and true, you’ll be unsurprised to discover that handling and road holding capabilities improve.

✓ A reduction in expensive repairs will result from wheel alignment because misaligned wheels will cause the suspension and steering system components to wear unevenly. Each time you hit a pothole, various parts of these systems will take the hit. However, if they are not all working together due to wheel misalignment, specific components will wear sooner than others.

✓ Smoother driving will be a noticeable benefit of newly aligned wheels. You’ll have noticed previously that your vehicle may drift to the left or right despite the steering wheel being pointed dead ahead. This can be inefficient, tiring and dangerous, so you’ll welcome the benefits of a wheel alignment.

✓ Increased tyre life means spending less on tyres over the car’s lifetime. An entire set of tyres can be expensive to replace and they will wear much more quickly without a proper wheel alignment. When the tyres work together in harmony for as long as possible, you’ll get the highest mileage out of them before the tread gets below the legal limit.

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