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Do you have to get wheel alignment with new tyres?

wheel alignment illustration - wheel alignment being carried out at Tyres Northampton

It is always strongly advised to have your wheels aligned, when new tyres are fitted. This is because the wheels are being removed from the car anyway. Though a tyre fitter may seem to be upselling their services to you, they are not. Aligning the wheels while having newly fitted tyres will give those tyres the best chance of a long working life by avoiding premature wear caused by wheel misalignment.

As soon as you start driving the car on the road, large speed bumps, potholes and kerbs will begin to affect the wheel alignment over time and incrementally. So, a wheel should be realigned at every convenient opportunity.

A typically sized wheel will rotate 700 times while travelling at 60mph on the motorway. That’s a lot of speed, friction and rotational weight. It’s of the utmost importance that the tyres are balanced correctly and tracked right to ensure these kinds of speeds are achieved efficiently and with as little damage to the tyres as possible.

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