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Aston Martin: Sports Car to Target Women Drivers

Aston Martin is a name synonymous with the highest quality performance vehicles. Their supercars, made even more famous by super spy James Bond are instantly recognisable for their sleek style and immense power. However, sales have fallen over the last decade for the British car maker, dropping to approximately 4,000 from 7,300.

The manufacturer recently revealed its latest offering, the much-hyped Vulcan. Unfortunately for most of us, not only does this car cost an eye-watering £1.8 million, it is also not road legal and only available for track days. Aston Martins are usually only available to those with very healthy bank accounts, but the Vulcan is something that may be out of the reach of everyone but the wealthiest of motorists.

Dr Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin has recently announced Aston Martin’s plans to distance themselves from the male-oriented image they project, seeking to create a female-centric car that appeals directly to women. A recent survey showed that more than 62% of women influenced car purchases, yet 74% of women felt that they were misunderstood by car manufacturers. In order to take advantage of the female element of the car market, Aston Martin are planning to tweak their DBX model.


There are even plans to move away from the supercar production that has made them so famous. The DBX was revealed as a concept at the Geneva Motor Show, designed to gauge interest for a proposed GT line of vehicles, and a potential SUV-style vehicle is rumoured to be one of the first creations to attempt to tap into the female-focussed market. They do have competition in this market, however, with Porsche also considering different options for this area, starting with its Macan SUV model.

With sales dwindling and revenues falling with them, this move by Aston Martin could yet be a very shrewd one, and particularly well timed. Aside from the aforementioned Porsche rival, there are not many other manufacturers that could seriously contend with Aston Martin and this could be the timely boost that their sales need. The plan is to cap sales of any potential DBX model at 7,000, to ensure a level of exclusivity to the car that entices people to be one of the select few who are able to purchase the vehicle.

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