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Autumn Driving Essentials

Whether you’re driving 300 miles across the country or 45 minutes to the supermarket, you should never travel anywhere in your car without certain essential items, as you never know what your journey may have in store for you. There are a number of must-have items to keep in your car that could prove to be incredibly useful, and this post will help you determine which ones you have and which ones you need, and why.

Car Emergency Kit

This is the utility set that all drivers must have. Containing a range of useful items, from safety equipment to basic tools, the car emergency kit should be in your car at all times. Available from around £40, these kits contain a tow rope, a high-visibility jacket for when you encounter trouble at night, a warning triangle to let other road users know you’ve stopped, and a first aid kit. Tyre changing equipment is included to help you deal with basic repairs. As well as this basic safety equipment, these kits contain an emergency camera, tyre pressure and tread gauges and (in most cases) a torch.

Food & Water

If you encounter a problem and you have to stop your car, there’s no way of telling how long it will be before you can get moving again. You might be near a petrol station or café, but you also may be stuck on a country road or motorway, miles from the nearest shop. Having a healthy supply of food and water may sound a bit extreme, but if you do find yourself broken down in the cold and/or dark, you’ll be incredibly grateful for your supplies.


Particularly important in the autumn and winter months, blankets are a necessity for any roadside breakdown. If you have small children with you, the blankets will ensure they stay as warm and comfortable as possible while the situation is resolved.

Jumper Cables

These should be in your car at all times, but they can be particularly handy in the colder months. If your car breaks down or won’t start, you don’t want to be waiting for hours for a roadside repair service, so jumper cables can help you get going again. This can save you time and money by getting you back on the road quicker than being towed or waiting for a mechanic.

These are just a few of the essential items that you should take with you on a car journey. It may seem excessive, particularly if it’s not an especially long trip, but you never know when your car might give up on you, and you want to be fully prepared for that moment. Comfort and safety are of the utmost importance, and these items will ensure you are as well-equipped as possible.

Regular Servicing
They say prevention is better than the cure, and the best way to remove the effects of a breakdown is to avoid having one altogether. The most effective way to protect your vehicle from roadside repair is to undertake regular servicing. This will involve a professional mechanic thoroughly assessing each individual aspect of your car, checking for any faults and fixing them if found.

Not only does periodic servicing give you the peace of mind that your car is safe, but will also minimise the associated stress of needing a repair as it will be noticed – and remedied – before it becomes a big problem.

We provide affordable, highly effective car servicing here at Tyres Northampton, offering comprehensive checks to ensure your vehicle’s safety throughout the winter months. For more information, simply give the professionals at Tyres Northampton a call today!


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