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Car Exhausts: Is Yours Making Too Much Noise?

Your exhaust system is one of the most important components of your vehicle. Helping to direct noxious gases away from the cabin of your car, it makes sure that you, and any passengers, are not exposed to dangerous fumes which may harm your health.

Additionally, another function of the exhaust is to make sure your car is using fuel as efficiently as possible. It does this by monitoring the levels of oxygen emitted and using this data to balance the fuel/air mix of the engine to the optimum level.

Due to the exhaust’s crucial nature, it is vital that any problems are identified and fixed as soon as possible. Made up of numerous parts, it is likely that only one or two parts of your exhaust system will ever need to be replaced at any one time if diagnosed quickly. So what do you need to look out for?


The first, and most common, sign that there is a problem with your exhaust is if it starts making strange noises. The silencer is usually the part of the exhaust that needs attention first, due to it being the furthest away from the engine and being more prone acidic moisture, and the easiest way to identify an issue with it is if it starts making a roaring noise.

Similarly, a rattling or clunking sound coming from underneath the car could indicate a loose exhaust component or misaligned exhaust system. Hangers, brackets and bolts all hold your exhaust in place and, if corroded, broken or missing, could eventually lead to much more serious premature exhaust failure.

Other noises coming from your exhaust which may signify a fault include a hissing noise (which could be the result of a crack in the exhaust manifold or exhaust pipe or a leaking gasket) or a chugging noise (which may indicate a blockage somewhere in the system).

Therefore, if you notice any of these noises – from a roaring or a rattle to a hissing metallic vibration – it is important to get to a reputable mechanic as soon as possible to prevent further damage from occurring.

Other signs of exhaust problems…

Noise is the most common indicator of a faulty exhaust; however there are a few others you should pay close attention to as well:

•    Erratic engine revving

•    Large fuel consumption

•    General poor vehicle performance

Additionally, you should carry out regular visual inspections of your exhaust. External rust may not be a particularly worrying sign, as it usually just on the surface of the exhaust and doesn’t normally denote any internal damage. However, cracks in the pipe or holes in the seams and joins could be signs of a much more serious issue, so it is recommended that you get it assessed by a professional straight away.

Here at Tyres Northampton our comprehensive vehicle maintenance service means we conduct exhaust replacements, exhaust repairs and exhaust fittings to the highest possible standard. So if you notice any of these problems with your exhaust system, get in touch with our expert team today for a professional, affordable service!


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