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Car Servicing: Interim vs Full

Regular servicing of your vehicle will ensure it runs perfectly for as long as possible. It’s also good for your wallet in the long term. However, servicing isn’t mandatory like an MOT, so deciding whether to have a full or interim service can be difficult for some motorists.

An interim service checks the levels of fluids, including brake fluid, screenwash and antifreeze coolant. In addition to this, an interim service will also include checks on the condition of the engine, such as the plugs and filter, as well as testing the batteries, lights and tyres.

Benefits of regular servicing

Car servicing is important for a number of different reasons, but here are the three most important as we see them:

  • Safety: One of the main reasons why regular vehicle servicing is so important is because it ensures that all of the safety features of your vehicle are properly tested – something which could prove vital at any point while out on the road.
  • Maintains value: If you look after your car, you will keep it’s value up when you come to sell it. Buyers can easily tell the difference between a well-maintained vehicle and a neglected one, in both performance and aesthetics.
  • Keep running costs down: Regular servicing, including tyre and exhaust checks, keeps your vehicle running at optimal efficiency. The upshot of this is that your fuel economy will go up while your running costs go down.

It’s also worth noting that not only does regular servicing ensure your car is kept in a safe and roadworthy condition, but it is often a requirement for car leasing deals.

How often should my car be serviced?

Your car should be serviced at least once annually. Because of this, many people book their full service to be done on the same visit as their MOT. This is a great way to save time and knock two things off your list at once.

However, if you drive more than 20,000 miles per year, an interim service may be a good option for you. To enquire about interim servicing for your vehicle, all you have to do is speak with your technician at Tyres Northampton.

What is the difference between a full service and an interim service?

What we do Interim service Full Service
Check and reset service lights
Check horn
Check windscreen wipers
Check interior lights
Check clutch operation (manual cars)
Check seat belts
Check climate control / air con system
Check engine diagnostic codes
Check exterior lights
Check doors, boot, fuel cap
Check condition of mirrors
Check steering
Check suspension
Full tyre inspection inc. TPMS sensor
Check battery
Electrics test (inc. battery, alternator and starter motor)
Check coolant level for strength and condition
Check brake fluid
Check power steering fluid and top up
Check brake pipes and hoses
Check radiator and coolant hoses
Check auxiliary drive belt and adjust if required
Visual brake check
Full brake inspection
Check fuel pipes for routing, damage and corrosion
Check engine, transmission and rear axle train drive
Check drive shaft joints and gaiters for wear and damage
Check exhaust system and mountings
Replace oil and filter
Top up windscreen washer fluid
Replace air filter
Vehicle road test
Wash and wax
Stamp service book

Following these checks, your service book will be stamped in recognition of the servicing which can be kept and shown as part of your vehicle’s history.

So now you know the exact difference between the two different servicings, but as mentioned previously, it is worth referring to the vehicle’s handbook for more accurate information.
If you’re looking for a full or interim service for your vehicle, give the team at Tyres Northampton a call. Our performance centre now features a newly-refurbished waiting area, complete with comfortable seating, free wi-fi, an Xbox and complementary hot and cold drinks. Just sit back, relax and let us keep your vehicle in good working order. Get in touch today for more information.


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