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Goodyear and Michelin Promotions

Posted on 27th July 2020 by Tyres Northampton

Treat yourself this summer with Tyres Northampton’s promotional offers. We’ve proudly partnered with Goodyear and Michelin to offer our customers well-deserved rewards when you buy two or more tyres from our wide range of Goodyear and Michelin tyres. If you need new tyres for your car, 4×4 or van, now’s the time to make that purchase and earn some spending money while doing so. Treat yourself with a Goodyear discount Earn £100 in vouchers with Tyres Northampton and Goodyear! Order two or more 17”+ Goodyear tyres and receive up to £100 in vouchers to be used at either Amazon or Sainsbury’s….

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Tyre Checks for Pothole Damage

Posted on 22nd June 2015 by Tyres Northampton

  Potholes are an increasing problem on the roads, putting you and your vehicle at risk of harm. They are caused by water and traffic: water weakens the soil beneath the road while traffic applies the pressure that stresses the road past breaking point. Potholes form over time, first causing road surface fatigue, which leads to a road failure pattern referred to as crocodile cracking, and finally causing chunks of the road surface between the crocodile cracks to come loose, which may eventually be forced out of the surface of the road by traffic. If a pothole becomes large enough, it…

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Aston Martin: Sports Car to Target Women Drivers

Posted on 31st March 2015 by Tyres Northampton

Aston Martin is a name synonymous with the highest quality performance vehicles. Their supercars, made even more famous by super spy James Bond are instantly recognisable for their sleek style and immense power. However, sales have fallen over the last decade for the British car maker, dropping to approximately 4,000 from 7,300. The manufacturer recently revealed its latest offering, the much-hyped Vulcan. Unfortunately for most of us, not only does this car cost an eye-watering £1.8 million, it is also not road legal and only available for track days. Aston Martins are usually only available to those with very healthy bank…

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What Were the Best Cars to Own in 2014?

Posted on 28th November 2014 by Tyres Northampton

Auto Express have carried out a survey of 50,000 drivers to determine the top 100 cars to own in 2014. The final list contains a variety of vehicles, from typical family saloons and nippy hatchbacks, to some more luxurious offerings. There are some surprising names on there too, which shows that the competition in the production car market is still very high. This article will look at some of the top cars from this year’s poll, so if you’re in the market for a new car, you will definitely want to read on. Skoda Yeti   The Skoda Yeti has topped…

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The Most Economical Cars of 2014

Posted on 7th November 2014 by Tyres Northampton

When buying a new car, there is now more importance placed on fuel efficiency than ever before. Manufacturers everywhere are now putting countless research hours and staggering amounts of money into the latest technologies, with the aim of creating cars that offer excellent performance and minimal environmental impact. There has been an influx of these eco-friendly automobiles in 2014, and this article will look at which ones are ahead of the pack when it comes to efficiency. BMW i3   Perhaps the most futuristic-looking vehicle in this list, BMW’s  i3 also offers an innovative slant on fuel efficiency as well as…

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