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Category: Industry News

Are Electric Cars Worth It?

Posted on 7th December 2021 by Tyres Northampton

electric car sign

In recent years, more people than ever have been making a conscious effort to be more environmentally friendly. With scientists and activists becoming increasingly concerned about the threat of climate change on our planet, many of us are beginning to adapt our behaviour in order to be kinder to the environment. Governments all over the world are putting measures in place to address the crisis, and here in the UK, this includes banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. With this in mind, if you’re in the market for a new car, it might be worthwhile to…

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Is the UK on Track for the Petrol and Diesel Ban?

Posted on 25th May 2021 by Tyres Northampton

you're planning a trip around the UK with some friends but you can't use your car

Last year, the UK announced that the sale of petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2030. It sounds like an ambitious target, and in this article, we’ll look at the specifics of the ban, and whether the UK is on track to achieve it. 

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Worst UK Roads to Drive On

Posted on 17th May 2019 by Tyres Northampton

worst roads in united kingdom

While we probably all have our least favourite roads to drive on – be it because of potholes, potential for tailbacks or simply because they’re right in the city centre – you can always find solace in the thought that there are some much worse – and more dangerous – roads out there. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at exactly which roads these are, so you’ve got a bit of mental ammunition next time you’re stuck trying to negotiate your tarmac-based nemesis. The A1 (through Rutland) Surprisingly, sandwiched between counties with relatively few road traffic collisions, the stretch…

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Do F1 Tyres Have Anything in Common with Regular Tyres?

Posted on 20th March 2019 by Tyres Northampton

formula 1 tyres

With 2019’s Formula One World Championship now underway, marking the 70th overall, the team at Tyres Northampton felt it was time to answer a question that we get asked a lot: do F1 tyres have anything in common with regular tyres? In this article, we’ll create a brief overview of F1 racing and the current state of F1 tyres, before comparing them to the tyres which we use on a daily basis. F1: a brief overview First defined in 1946 by the Commission Sportive Internationale (CSI), Formula One is the premier single-seater, open-wheel racing category in international motorsport. For the past…

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MOT and Driving Law Changes of 2018 You Need to Know. New Driving Laws in 2019

Posted on 11th December 2018 by Tyres Northampton

driving law changes - signs

Brush up on your knowledge of the driving laws in the UK as of 2018. There have been lots of changes made, from relaxing certain MOT rules to tightening up emissions laws, tax increases and all sorts. Are you ready to take on the highways of the UK in 2019? Read on to find out what you missed first time round. Contents: MOT changes Learner drivers on the motorway Hazard perception test improvements Car tax in 2018 New UK Driving Laws in 2019   MOT changes: stricter emissions and no test for historic vehicles Here are our top picks from the…

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Top 10 Features That Drivers Want in Their Cars

Posted on 10th August 2018 by Tyres Northampton

Centre console car radio with modern display screen

Research by Hyundai Motor UK in June 2018 shows Britons are united when it comes to the latest technologies they look for when buying a new car. Other interesting facts include the 71% of drivers who believe price is the most important factor, followed by reliability, type of fuel, comfort and fuel economy tailgating closely behind. The creature comforts of car buyers are also comparable across the board, with the following 10 being top on the list. 1. Air Conditioning No modern car is complete without climate control at your fingertips. The current unpredictability of the seasons means cranking up the…

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Electric Cars: What are the Effects on Tyres?

Posted on 14th October 2016 by Tyres Northampton

electric car charging

As the world becomes more and more preoccupied with climate change, consumers are looking towards alternative, and greener technologies to keep the planet healthy. It’s no secret that motor cars produce harmful emissions that contribute to the enhanced greenhouse effect. To combat this, electric cars have been developed which are a fresh, new concept and that run on rechargeable batteries located inside the car. However, although electric vehicles are mainly good news, they do have a negative effect on one key component; the tyres. In this article we will examine what the effects of electric vehicles on their tyres, and how…

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Are Driverless Cars Really Safer?

Posted on 6th May 2016 by Tyres Northampton

  Innovations and advancements take place every year in every industry, but perhaps one of the most interesting areas of development is the automobile market, where manufacturers and designers are constantly searching for ways to improve our vehicles, making them safer, more fuel efficient, and easier to use, whilst keeping up with the technological advancements in the wider world. The latest technology and the genius of manufacturers and designers has lead us to an era of driverless cars, something that was once the fodder of sci-fi films only. They are becoming more and more of a reality, with some research predicting…

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Saving Money When Motoring

Posted on 28th April 2016 by Tyres Northampton

Being able to drive to where we need to be is an immense luxury for those who hold a driving licence and own a car. However, motorists know very well that running a car is very expensive, so it is important to know how to minimise motoring costs where possible. This article will look into how you can help reduce the amount of money you spend when on the road. Economical Driving There are a number of tweaks you can make to your driving style that will help you save money. Things like braking and accelerating harshly unnecessarily can waste a…

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New Cars in UK to be ‘Zero Emission’ by 2050

Posted on 4th February 2016 by Tyres Northampton

For years, the levels of emissions that our cars produce has been a topic of fierce debate. The significant and severe impact that our vehicles have on the environment is something that has been under scrutiny for a long time, with countless initiatives and plans to reduce emissions being introduced, with varying degrees of success. However, a recent Government agreement has promised a radical change – all new cars sold in the UK will be zero emission by 2050. 13 members of the Zero Emissions Vehicle Alliance convened to discuss the potential changes to the way our transport affects the environment,…

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