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New Device Reads Tyre Pressure as You Drive


A tyre company from the UK has developed a new system that can read vehicles’ tyre pressure as they drive over it. WheelRight have been working with computer scientists from Aston University in Birmingham to develop the device, which is embedded in the road’s surface. A Swindon bus depot is being used to test the system, whereby buses pass over the device at the end of their day’s service. If the tyre pressure is low, the device automatically sends a message to the driver and the pressure must be corrected manually. For drivers of normal cars, the message will be sent to their phone, but for bus and truck drivers, the message will be sent to their report system.

There are certainly some potential benefits for drivers should this new system be implemented. It can be very easy to forget to check the tyre pressure of your vehicle, and this can lead to unwelcome situations, whether it’s a flat tyre hampering your fuel consumption, breakdowns, or at worst, an accident owing to a deflated tyre. With WheelRight’s automatic notification system, drivers will be alerted when their tyres are below the appropriate pressure, meaning that they will know to re-inflate their tyres as soon as possible. This will help prevent faults, breakdowns, and prevent potential accidents.

Another advantage of WheelRight’s notification system is its versatility. It can be modified to link with different systems: SMS messages for mobile phones; tyre management systems for larger vehicles, such as trucks or buses; and also it can be printed on a job card if necessary. These methods ensure that the data is available to anyone who needs it, not just the driver of the vehicle. The system can also send notifications regarding other aspects of the vehicle, such as axle weight, vehicle weight, wheel alignment and tread limit.

Until this system has been properly tested, however, there cannot be a final verdict on whether or not it can be implemented into roads. There is still room for error with the system, and if incorrect tyre pressure readings are sent to drivers then this could lead to them underinflating or overinflating their tyres mistakenly. With more tried and trusted methods, such as the digital tyre pressure measuring device, or the stick type pressure device, the driver will be taking the pressure themselves, which may take more time, but can also be checked a number of times to ensure it’s correct. These methods are very effective and simple to use, and although the new system can certainly achieve things that current methods can’t, there is nothing to suggest that traditional tyre pressure measurement systems will become obsolete any time soon.

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