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The Most Economical Cars of 2014

When buying a new car, there is now more importance placed on fuel efficiency than ever before. Manufacturers everywhere are now putting countless research hours and staggering amounts of money into the latest technologies, with the aim of creating cars that offer excellent performance and minimal environmental impact. There has been an influx of these eco-friendly automobiles in 2014, and this article will look at which ones are ahead of the pack when it comes to efficiency.

BMW i3


Perhaps the most futuristic-looking vehicle in this list, BMW’s  i3 also offers an innovative slant on fuel efficiency as well as design. Although sold as an electric vehicle, the i3 also has a small petrol engine that can be used to charge the battery. The Range Extender model offers a fantastic range of more than 200 miles, and a fuel economy level of 470mpg. Although the i3 is quite costly, with prices starting at a hefty £30,980, the savings on fuel that you will make over time are certainly a strong argument for buying this car.

Vauxhall Ampera ECOTEC


Despite not looking like a gift from the future like the BMW i3, the Vauxhall Ampera still offers a superb level of efficiency and performance. Using the same small petrol engine/electric motor combination as the i3, the Ampera achieves a brilliant 235.4mpg, ensuring that you can enjoy long drives without having to stop to refuel or recharge. Mechanically, the Ampera is a carbon copy of the Chevrolet Volt, but Vauxhall are using the chassis as Chevrolet prepare to depart the European market. Available for between £33,750 and £35,495, the Ampera is not exactly cheap to buy, but it is certainly cheap to run.

Toyota Prius



The first commonly available hybrid car, the Toyota Prius has a new iteration, the Toyota Prius Plug-In. Despite costing £5,000 more than the standard version, it offers another level of economy driving, giving drivers 134.5mpg. The Toyota Prius famously provided electric travel at speeds of 5mph and under, before the petrol engine kicked in. However the Plug-In version can be charged at a socket, allowing for electrical-only travel. Available from £21,995 to £33,995, the Toyota Prius and the Toyota Prius Plug-In offer comfortable, efficient travel at an affordable price.

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