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Electric Cars: What are the Effects on Tyres?

electric car being charged

As the world becomes more and more preoccupied with climate change, consumers are looking towards alternative, and greener technologies to keep the planet healthy. It’s no secret that motor cars produce harmful emissions that contribute to the enhanced greenhouse effect. To combat this, electric cars have been developed which are a fresh, new concept and that run on rechargeable batteries located inside the car. However, although electric vehicles are mainly good news, they do have a negative effect on one key component; the tyres. In this article we will examine what the effects of electric vehicles on their tyres, and how to check for damaged tyres on your own car.


Why are electric vehicles more damaging to tyres?

electric car charging
Electric cars are often heavier (up to 20 – 30%) than their non-electric counterparts, and this extra weight stems from the heavy batteries located within the car. These batteries are a blessing for the planet, but not for your tyres which will experience greater pressure and load, consequently burning out faster.

How do I protect the tyres on my electric car?

electric car sign
Even though electric cars may burn through their tyres at a quicker rate than ordinary cars, if you provide proper maintenance and care to your tyres, it can grace them with a longer life.

  • If you accelerate too abruptly when driving an electric vehicle, this harsh action teamed with the heavier weight of the vehicle can be troublesome for your tyres. Try and accelerate more softly to preserve your tyres, as well as avoiding hard cornering.
  • Another thing to bear in mind is that electric cars have a tendency to wear the inside edge of the tyre, so wheel alignment should be checked regularly, as should the inside edge of the tyres for signs of wear. Correct wheel alignment can boost the longevity of your tyres, so it’s an important feature to frequently examine.  
  • It’s also important that the tyres you select for your electric vehicle are appropriate for the size and model of your individual car. Additionally, as with any car, ensure that you are running at the correct tyre pressure for the size and weight of your vehicle. If you are unsure, a trusted motor specialist will be able to help you.

How do I check for damage to my tyres?

checking tyres for tyre damage
Picking up on the early signs of tyre wear and tear can save you both time and money in the long run, and is an essential part of maintenance for any type of car.

  • Check the tread for any flaws, cracks or signs of wear. If the tread grooves are noticeably wider than normal, this could be a sign of ageing.
  • Inspect the tyre for foreign matter that should not be there, such as fragments of stone or anything else that could cause a puncture. Because they are under a heavier load, electric car tyres are less likely to resist a puncture.
  • If you notice that your tyres have lost pressure, then take the car to a dependable tyre repair shop who can inspect it professionally and make a repair or replacement.

Here at Tyres Northampton, we have over 25 years’ experience supplying and installing a vast range of branded tyres and we are proud to cater for a large spectrum of vehicles and budgets, including electric and hybrid cars. Our team of professionals also can provide tyre checks, MOTs and general vehicle servicing. To find out more about our services, then simply contact our friendly team who will happy to help.

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