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Fleet tyres: regular checks save lives


The safety of employees is paramount for any business and regular tyre maintenance can help keep them safe on the roads. Frequent tyre inspections are often overlooked, leading to potentially life-threatening results; therefore, the importance of regular tyre checks cannot be stressed enough.

There are several factors to take into consideration when carrying out tyre checks or replacing tyres, to guarantee all bases are covered and a thorough job is completed. This article will serve to explain all the necessary information you will need to know to guarantee an optimum performance from the tyres on your fleet vehicles.

Tyre pressure

The pressure a tyre is inflated to has a major effect on its rolling resistance which, in turn, affects acceleration, braking, fuel consumption and emissions. It is important to note that an under-inflated tyre is dangerous because the friction will cause it to overheat and it will be more prone to an unexpected blow out.

Consult your handbook for information about the correct pressures for your vehicles tyres and what they should be inflated to for varying driving conditions, such as high speed motorway driving or when fully packed. Also be sure to check the valves as part of your check, as they can cause the tyre to deflate gradually over time if they have been fitted incorrectly, are damaged or have worn down.


Meticulous fleet tyre examination can help you spot something which may seem relatively small but can have a huge effect on the performance of your tyres:

1. Examine for signs of anything which may cause a puncture

2. Check the tyre is wearing evenly

3. Inspect for any damage to the tread and sidewalls of the tyres

Selecting the ideal tyre

This may sound like obvious advice, but if a company fleet is trying to save money, other considerations can be overlooked. Although different tyres may share the same size and speed rating, selecting the more expensive option may work out to be more cost-effective due to reduced fuel consumption.

You will soon see the benefits of choosing tyres which are slightly more expensive to fit, as they prove to have a longer life-span and, in turn, do not need to be replaced as often as cheaper tyres.

Other factors to consider when carrying out fleet tyre checks or choosing new tyres for your fleet vehicles are:

Uneven tread wear: this can lead to tyres being more prone to deflating unexpectedly

Puncture repairs: it is often company policy to have the wheel and tyres replaced by a professional fitter to prevent any potential damage or accidents

Make sure all the tyres match: tyres designed for different purposes used on the same vehicle will lead to unpredictable and dangerous behaviour

Measurements: understanding the size, depth and width of your tyres will help you make an informed decision about replacements. It can also tell you what speed rating and load capacity the tyre has, which is extremely useful for any vehicle likely to carry heavy items

Seasons: for many company drivers, a change from summer into winter could mean a switch to a set of winter tyres. Fleets of vehicles will suffer fewer accidents in cold weather if the vehicles are using winter tyres, resulting in a reduction in repair costs

Tyre pressure systems: these are electronic systems designed to monitor the air pressure inside tyres on various types of vehicles. The safety benefits are significant as they can alert the driver to potentially dangerous situations before they become a hazard.

To ensure tyre maintenance checks are carried out thoroughly, it is a good idea to hire a professional who has plenty of experience in the industry to guarantee an efficient job is completed.

With over 25 years’ of experience, our team of experts here at Tyre Northampton specialise in delivering first class tyre services to an extensive range of vehicles. Our comprehensive tyre service includes the supply and installation of fleet tyres for all our commercial clients. From large fleets of vans to a few company cars, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide professional workmanship to fit with your individual requirements. We also offer a fleet monitoring service for regular fleet checks at your premises. So for further information about our fleet service or any of the other services we provide, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.


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