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How to Reuse Old Tyres: 8 Ideas

Although all tyres will eventually become inadequate for road use, many of them will end up in landfills, destined to pollute the earth for millions of years. Instead of letting the tyres go to waste, you could try getting creative and reusing them for other purposes. Many of these suggestions could be done as an activity with the kids, creating some quality family time and producing some practical and useful features, to use in your home or garden. 

Tyre Planter

tyre planter from old tyres

Probably one of the easiest ways to upcycle your tyre, as you can simply place the tyre in a visible area of your garden, fill the middle with soil and plant your desired plants. To spruce the tyre up a bit, try spray painting it before use, or hanging it on a garden wall and use the interior crevice to plant either flowers, herbs or shrubs.

Garden Steps

If you have a slope in your garden that you find yourself climbing on a regular basis, then maybe it’s time to install some type of stairway. Stone stairways can be expensive, so to keep costs low, the answer may be to reuse tyres in a creative way. Fill each tyre will soil or gravel, so they are more sturdy and less likely to slip over time. As tyres don’t decompose over time, this stairway will easily last as long as a stone one.

Tyre Swings

tyre swings from old tyres

This one is a highly common feature of a playground and has been a staple in many childhoods over the years. Incredibly simple to make, just secure a rope around the tyre and attach it to a sturdy tree branch. You could even make a flat-surfaced tyre swing by adding four holes in each quarter of the tyre and use them to loop through some rope, then tie the two ropes parallel to each other together. This creates two thicker ropes that could be attached to a tree branch or a purpose-built structure.

Coffee Table

Paint the tyre a colour of your choice, then secure a piece of shatter-proof glass on top to create a robust outdoor coffee table that’s easy to clean. Another great way to repurpose tyres!

Playground Features

playground features from old tyres

With a little bit of perseverance and creativity, you could create a tyre playground, that would last over many decades. Use paint to make the tyres more visually appealing, and arrange the tyres into different positions to create a fun, multi-layered play area for young children.

Tyre Sandbox

If you’ve managed to find yourself in possession of a large tyre, you may benefit from turning it into a sandbox! A sandbox can provide endless hours of fun to kids over the summer and you could even get your kids to help you paint and decorate the tyre. This is one of the easiest projects on the list and you’ll be able to reap the rewards summer after summer. 

Tyre Chairs

tyre chairs from old tyres

You could construct a tyre chair by using a large tyre and inserting a slab of wood in the middle. This would create a very simple chair to be used indoors or outdoors, but if you’re looking for something more aesthetically pleasing, try adding a cushion or wrap some rope around the tyre to cover the dark colour.

Mirror Frame

Using bicycle tyres as a mirror frame is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to tyre decorations. Secure a made-to-measure mirror inside the tyre by carefully inserting the edges into the tyres crevice. Not only can this be hung inside your home, try adding some in your outside living area to give the illusion of a bigger garden. Let your creativity run wild and help the environment whilst doing so!

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