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Imaginative Ideas for Old Tyres

While it may seem like tyres have no use once they are no longer roadworthy, there are actually a number of ways you can re-appropriate old tyres to give them a new lease of life. This article will look at five different ways that you can re-use old tyres, and you might be surprised at some of the things you can do with them.

Plant Pots
Old tyres make excellent plant pots. By burying them slightly into the soil and placing your seeds or plants into the middle of them, you have a subtle and quirky way of housing your plants without spending more money on plant pots. You can paint the tyres anyway you like to add even more character to your garden. This can be a fun activity for children, helping them to express their creativity as well as help out around the garden!

Another unique idea for old tyres is to turn them into sculptures, either for in your home our outside in the garden. While this may take a bit more imagination and a lot more work than using tyres for plant pots, if you are willing to put a bit more time in, the results can be truly striking and rewarding.

Creating baskets out of your old tyres is a very clever way to keep the lifespan of your old tyres going. The tyres will need to be cut up and stuck back together, so it can be quite tricky, but once you’ve got it done then you’ll finally have a place to put that pile of newspapers and magazines.

As rubber is durable and resistant to the elements, it can be a great material for garden furniture. While this can be a complex job, one that may require professional assistance, the results can be fantastic. Tyres can be cut and shaped into chairs, coffee tables and stools, saving you a lot of money on furniture without compromising on aesthetics.

The tough, rugged nature of tyres makes them perfect material for doormats. As your tyres will have been used before, they will likely be quite worn down already, which means that they are the perfect thing for you and your guests to wipe your muddy feet on. Again, the grid-like pattern on a lot of doormats may mean that you have to put in some work to achieve the right design, but once you have you will see the benefits for a long time.

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