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New Cars in UK to be ‘Zero Emission’ by 2050

For years, the levels of emissions that our cars produce has been a topic of fierce debate. The significant and severe impact that our vehicles have on the environment is something that has been under scrutiny for a long time, with countless initiatives and plans to reduce emissions being introduced, with varying degrees of success. However, a recent Government agreement has promised a radical change – all new cars sold in the UK will be zero emission by 2050.

13 members of the Zero Emissions Vehicle Alliance convened to discuss the potential changes to the way our transport affects the environment, at the conference, which was based on the wider subject of climate change, the members committed to promoting cleaner transport and to cut emissions significantly.

In order to encourage the uptake of zero emission vehicles, or ZEVs, there will be a number of incentives, such as tax breaks and grants to assist people with the purchase of such vehicles. There will be continuing investment from the Government to ensure that the technology required is constantly evolving and improving, making sure that the hydrogen and electricity-powered cars are up to standard at all times.

As well as the UK, the agreement was also signed by the Netherlands, Germany, Norway and California. As California is one of the US states that is at the forefront of the push for sustainability, it is a real coup for the ZEVA to receive their support as they look to revolutionise transportation. To put the aims of the project into real terms, the deployment of zero emission vehicles is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 1 billion tonnes a year by 2050.

There are already some ZEVs on our roads, from electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell cars, so zero emission vehicles are not an alien concept. However, ensuring that all vehicles on the roads are classed as ‘zero-emission’ will take a considerable amount of time, which is why the deadline for a blanket conversion has been set at 2050.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: “The UK already has the largest market for ultra-low emission vehicles in the EU, and the fourth largest in the world and today’s pledge reaffirms our commitment to ensuring almost every car and van is a zero emission vehicle by 2050.”

If this project is successful, it will revolutionise motoring across the world and hopefully see other nations follow suit, as well as ensuring that we greatly reduce the impact that our vehicles have on the environment.

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