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Our services are still available with measures in place to protect our customers. We confirm we fully comply with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.

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Quiz: Could You Survive Without a Car?

In this day and age, we rely on our cars so much that it would be almost impossible to imagine what we would do without them. Well, this quiz is going to challenge you to do just that. Do you know the bus routes like the back of your hand? Or would you be a hopeless wreck without your trusty vehicle? Let’s find out!

You are late for work and the car won’t start, what do you do?

It’s the holidays and you want to travel, what is your go-to mode of transport?

You need to move a tonne of stuff for a friend, do you…

It is festival season and you’re heading to Glastonbury, how do you get there?

There’s a new Cycle to Work scheme at your office, how do you react?

You’re planning a trip around the UK with some friends, but you can’t use your car. How are you going to travel?

How do you take your kids to school?

You’re on the road and you want to stop off and get some fast food, what do you do?

Could You Survive Without a Car?

You wouldn’t be able to survive a day without your car! You must make sure you keep it in excellent condition, otherwise you’ll be forced onto the dreaded bus.

You would certainly struggle without a car, but as long as you look after her, you’ll be fine.

You like a good drive, but you’re certainly no stranger to public transport. You strike an excellent balance - well done!

Congratulations! You’re not dependent on your car at all. In fact, have you ever considered getting a bus pass? It might do your wallet a favour...

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COVID-19 update

We are open again from 4th May 2020 for business using all guidelines of safe distancing. Our staff will have masks, gloves and hand sanitisers and our business has clear markings for safe distancing.

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