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A Rise in Demand for Qualified MOT Testers

Many insiders in the motor trade have been pleased to announce an upturn in interest for the work of qualified MOT testers over the course of 2013. Indeed, most have described the demand as being something of a surge. MOT test centres have reported buoyant business with plenty of work for their qualified technicians and operatives.

Online motor industry recruitment specialists have said that the increase was probably down to people hanging on to cars for a bit longer than they have in recent years, which has largely been put down to the recent recession and subsequent cut-back in spending.

Getting a slightly older car through its MOT test appears to be something most British households are willing to spend time and money on, deferring their next purchase for the future. Not only is the ageing car population causing an increase in the number of MOTs being sought, but there is also an upturn in the competition between the franchised dealers who run many of the test centres in the country. There is also added interest and competition from independent garages which focus on this area of business, too.

“The general ageing of the car parc following the credit crunch means that demand for MOTs in general has risen slightly in recent years,” said Derek Webb, a sales director with a leading automotive industry recruitment consultant. He added that his company is seeing a lot of investment from both independents and franchise dealers in workshop repair facilities and that performing MOTs is an important part in these enterprises.

Government figures appear to back up Webb’s view of the healthy state of the industry. According to the latest Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) figures for Northern Irish motorists, over 268,000 vehicle MOT tests were carried out between April and June this year. That is up by two and a half per cent compared with the corresponding quarter in 2012. The DVA said that its figures took into account both full tests and retests. However, the ageing nature of the cars being put through the test centres has no real impact on the pass rate which continues to hover at around 80 per cent. Given that data, it appears that the public are willing to not only keep their cars on the road for a little longer than before, but are also willing to maintain them to an adequately roadworthy state.

Of course, for older vehicles maintenance is a key issue for drivers. Knowing when to write off a car as too expensive to keep on the road and when to spend a few pounds on a repair has been a balancing act for years. However, with more car owners willing to keep their car on the road for longer, not only are testers expecting an increase in work but general mechanics, too. Older cars do need more attention between services than newer ones and this is even more the case in winter.

However, it is usually recommended that drivers take their car to a proper test centre with qualified personnel, rather than try to carry out even minor repairs themselves. If the work necessary to keep a car on the road is not carried out professionally and in accordance with the safety regulations the effect can be disastrous. Not only do drivers risk seriously devaluing their vehicle, because of an incorrectly carried out repair for example, but there may be road safety implications, too. Poor mechanical repair work, conducted outside of a well-lit workshop, often leads to a breakdown whilst on the road – the very last thing that any driver wants to face.

Given these considerations, it appears the surge in demand for qualified testers is unlikely to end. British drivers, it seems, are willing to spend their money on keeping their cars going as well as keeping themselves safe.

Here at Tyres Northampton we are a registered MOT testing centre and offer comprehensive, affordable MOTs. We work in accordance with all legal requirements and our professional team offer exceptional levels of service. We also offer car servicing, helping our clients keep their vehicle safe, reliable and in great condition between their annual MOTs. So for more information, and to discuss your needs with one of our experts, get in touch with the team at Tyres Northampton today!


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