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Spring Clean Your Car During COVID

The risk of catching coronavirus may be on the wane, but that doesn’t mean that any of us can start getting complacent. Recent announcements suggest that the virus will be around for the foreseeable future, so even though we can start mixing more, we still need to be very careful. One consequence of easing restrictions is that we might start having others in our cars more than we have been for the last year or so. We therefore need to think about how we can protect them and ourselves when that happens and how you might clean your car during COVID.

Can COVID be passed on in a car?

The virus is most commonly passed on when you’re in an enclosed space with an infected person, so if you’ve got someone in your car who isn’t part of your household or your ‘bubble’, it’s always advisable to open a window. Thankfully, as the weather gets warmer, that part won’t be too much of a problem! 

The chances of the virus being passed on via a car door handle or any part of the interior are very slim, but if there’s one thing we’ve learnt it’s that we’re better being safe than sorry. So, seeing as spring is now well and truly with us, why not combine an anti-COVID deep clean with a more general spring clean to make sure everything is not only looking good, but safe as well?

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Where to spring clean and where to COVID clean

Start off by giving your whole car a good clean. It’s worth remembering that the scientific advice is that the virus only remains active on a surface for about 72 hours, so parts of your car may in any case be free from that risk. Those areas should just need the standard spring clean to make them look at their sparkling best. In other words, you don’t need to use anti-bacterial wipes on the back seat if no one’s been sitting there for a while.

Car cleaning to prevent COVID

When it comes to COVID prevention measures, concentrate on areas you know people have been touching and sitting. So, at the very least, the steering wheel, gear stick, driver’s seat, front passenger seat (because even if no one has been sitting there, you’re bound to have touched it at some point!) and the inside of the driver’s door will need a good wipe down with an anti-bacterial wipe. That will mean you can be confident that you’re starting from a COVID-safe point. 

Once you have completed your initial clean, if you do let others into your car, try to restrict what they touch to lower any risk of transmission. So you could, for example, open and close the door for them when they get in and out and ask them to avoid touching anything they don’t need to. That should mean that later all you’ll hopefully need to clean – before and after – will be the immediate areas around their seat, their headrest and their seatbelt. 

It’s hard to take 100% effective precautions when it comes to making your car entirely free from COVID-19, but these basic measures should keep you and your passengers safe. 

For keeping your vehicle as safe as possible in every other respect, you can trust the experts at Tyres Northampton. Our vehicle servicing, MOT checks and tyre pressure checks are all designed to ensure your car will keep you safe on the road. If your car is in need of any kind of service, contact us today.


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