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Teaching Kids Car Maintenance

It’s true that you’re never truly really ready to become a parent, partly because you could never possibly be ready for the sheer variety of roles you have to juggle. At a moment’s notice, you could have to be: a chef, a teacher, a garden field medic, or once they’re a little bit older, a round-the-clock chauffeur. Unfortunately, the Tyres Northampton team don’t quite have the time to write a complete parenting manual, but if you have dreams of your child one day becoming your personal mechanic, that’s something we might be able to help with.

Car Maintenance for Children 5 and Under

While you might be keen to get your child started as early as possible, you have to remember that kids are, well, kids, and there’s only so much that they should be exposed to at such a young age.

For children aged 5 and under, we would recommend teaching the following sorts of car maintenance:

  • Interior cleaning: Whether it’s running a hand vacuum across the seats or an anti-bacterial wipe over the dashboard, there’s no harm in introducing your child to some general cleaning methods under supervision.
  • Exterior cleaning: If you’re letting your child help with cleaning the interior of your vehicle, you could always let them run a soapy sponge across the exterior while you’re at it. However, such an activity could quickly turn into a water fight. You’ve been warned.
  • Awareness games: Whilst driving with your child in the car, try playing some awareness games. It could be as simple as getting your child to spot as many motorcyclists as possible. It’s a great idea to get this sort of awareness taught early on.

Father and son washing car - teaching kids car maintenance

Car Maintenance for Children 5 and Upwards

If your children are a little older, you can start looking at some of the more technical aspects of car maintenance. They won’t actually be helping you with the maintenance, of course, but you can still teach your kids what certain tools are called and what they function they perform.

Here’s a quickfire list of some of the things that you can cover:

  • What tyre wear looks like
  • The difference between spanners, screwdrivers and other tools
  • The location of the spare tyre
  • The location of the owner’s manual
  • Brake pedals and the function they perform
  • Where the engine is located
  • The importance of lights, indicators and your car’s horn

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Car Maintenance for Teenagers

If your child is now a teenager, it’s probably not too long until they’re actually behind the wheel themselves, so it makes sense to start actually getting them involved in the maintenance.
Here are some of the key things that you should cover:

  • How to check tyre pressure: Checking tyre pressure is something that’s still neglected by even the most seasoned of motorists, so getting your child started early will put them well ahead of the game. Be sure to supervise them first and make sure they don’t lose the valve cap!
  • How to check the oil: Right, it’s time to open the bonnet. If your child hasn’t had a look under there before, it’s probably going to be a bit baffling, so keep things simple and just show them the dipstick test. If you will be getting an older second-hand vehicle, this sort of maintenance will be even more important.
  • Changing screen wash fluid: Another important but often-forgotten aspect of car maintenance; you don’t want your child to set off on a muddy road trip, only to find out the windscreen wipers don’t have any fluid to work with!

If you are experiencing problems with your vehicles, call Tyres Northampton. With over 25 years of industry experience, you can trust us to find the solution. Our array of services include tyre fitting and supply, MOTs, and vehicle servicing for vehicles from a wide array of manufacturers – and all at affordable prices. To discuss your needs with our experts, please give us a call or visit us at our performance centre.


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