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‘The Importance of Car Servicing and MOTs’

For many people, buying and owning a car is a massive investment. Not only is there the initial expense of actually purchasing the vehicle, but when you total the running costs of a car, factoring in tax, insurance, petrol and repairs, you could be facing extortionate charges.

However, one way to reduce these costs, and a method which motor vehicle specialists thoroughly and highly recommend, is to undertake periodic car maintenance. Not only does it extend the expected life-span of your car, by identifying small problems from the outset, it is also guarantees your car is functioning safely at all times.

MOT centre

So, whether you are begrudgingly planning your next MOT or are trying to establish whether to undertake regular car servicing, read our advice below on just how important car servicing and MOTs actually are!

Why is car servicing important?

Whether your car is brand new or second hand, undertaking a service at regular intervals is incredibly important in order to maintain the health and condition of your vehicle. A comprehensive service, conducted by trained and experienced professionals, will look at a huge number of components in your car, including oil and filter changes, replacing the air cleaner and fuel filter and having new spark plugs installed. They will also check all your fluids, such as brake, ATF and anti-freeze, to make sure they are filled and of the appropriate mix and they will also thoroughly inspect the mechanics, your belts and the tread depth of your tyres.

After your car service has been completed, you will receive a report of the findings and your mechanic will suggest any remedial work that should be undertaken or emergency repairs which need immediate attention.

Getting your car serviced regularly can prevent minor defects escalating into large-scale problems, saving you from having to undertake drastic – and expensive – repairs. Not only does it significantly reduce the unpleasant surprise of a break down or serious fault, it also means issues are found and subsequently treated earlier, usually resulting in a much cheaper and easier job than doing so further down the line. This is often a much more convenient solution for car owners, as it also means they encounter less time off the road while the repairs are conducted.

Why are MOTs important?

If you own or drive a car in the UK which is over 3 years old, it is your responsibility to ensure it has passed its Ministry of Transport test (MOT), a compulsory document which ensures your car is road worthy. The certificate, which is valid for a year and needs to be renewed annually before it expires, is not just for your safety but also for the safety of all other road users and is one of the best, most important methods of car maintenance.

Although the majority of people look upon their annual MOT as a frustrating inconvenience, they are essential for ensuring your car is safe to be on the road and an MOT test consists of carefully checking every component of your vehicle. They will carry out several tests on your car, including testing your brakes, lights, doors, fuel system and emission levels. Additionally, they will inspect your car’s safety features, undertaking a host of assessments on everything from your seats and seatbelts to your horn and steering controls.

If you fail your MOT, you will need to get any faults or damages repaired before undertaking a re-test. This is why car servicing is incredibly important as it can establish and remedy any small, minor defects before they actually progress to the stage where you fail your MOT and, as a result, lose the money you spent on the test and then have to open your wallet even further to pay for the subsequent repairs.

Choosing a garage…

It is very important to choose the right garage when you are planning a car service or need an MOT test. It is essential that you visit a reliable, professional, highly experienced team of mechanics, who have a good reputation and a wealth of technical knowledge. Another great tip is to go to a local, independent company, instead of an official dealer, as this can save you a significant amount of money.

Reputable, local mechanics – such as the specialists down at Tyres Northampton – have all the skills, knowledge and experience of official dealers but don’t bring the giant price tag, granting you complete peace of mind that you will receive the best quality treatment, inspection and repairs but at much more affordable prices.

So, if you require superior standard car servicing or a high quality MOT check, get in touch with the friendly and highly experienced team at Tyres Northampton today for more information!


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