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The Perils of Part-Worn Tyres

part-worn tyres

The sale of part-worn tyres, although often considered a purse-friendly alternative to new tyres, has been found to sometimes be a potentially dangerous cost-cutting option. According to the National Tyre Distributors Association, around 4.5 million part-worn tyres are sold in the UK every year.

So, why do so many motorists choose used tyres?
And why have so many questions been raised over their safety?

An opportunity to save a bit of money and choose a more cost-effective option is an incredibly alluring choice. However, when it comes to road safety, the actual cost of purchasing second-hand tyres could be a lot higher than simply the amount paid.

Studies of Part-Worn Tyres

part-worn tyres

Trading Standards completed a study in the sale of part-worn tyres and various safety concerns have been highlighted as a result. Of the tyres they looked at, 40% failed to comply with safety requirements – the most common problems including tread depth, structural damage, impact damage and, in one case, an embedded nail!

Similarly, another study conducted by Birmingham City Council found – of the 200 tyres inspected – 25% had some form of structural damage and 90% did not have the correct markings required by law to warn the buyer that they were part-worn.

Where do Part-worn Tyres Come From?

part-worn tyres

And herein is where the real problem lies. We don’t, as buyers, know enough about these tyres. Where have they come from? Why were they discarded in the first place? We can never really know their past. The majority of second-hand tyres are either taken from scrapped cars, are from cars which have been involved in an accident or are shipped from countries with less stringent tread depth regulations.

So what is the problem? The answer is road safety. Tyres with insufficient tread depth and structural or impact damage are much less effective at keeping you safely on the road. In the eyes of the experts, part-worn tyres can never deliver the same safety, performance and peace of mind as new tyres. They advise that because defects cannot always be easily and immediately recognised, motorists should be extremely careful when choosing this option.

As an NTDA member we don’t sell par-worn tyres.

NTDA member part worn tyres banner

General professional consensus is ‘new is best’ and specialists advise investing in a new set of tyres for guaranteed safety. For more information or guidance on the dangers of part-worn tyres, contact the experts at Tyres Northampton today.

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