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The Top 6 Worst Cars Ever Made

Much like sports teams, bands and films, people have different favourite vehicles, all of which are subject to a number of factors, not least personal taste. However, there are some cars which are unfortunate enough to have made it into the general consensus as some of the worst ever to be put on the market, and this article will look into what they are.

SsangYong Rodius


The SsangYong Rodius was pounced upon by critics for what they deemed to be an unsightly appearance, with one even going as far as to say that it “looks like a melted hearse”, and “should be taken away and destroyed”.



A novel concept, and one that preceded the onset of the electric cars we see on our roads today, the G-Wiz was actually classed as a ‘quadricycle’, and can still be seen frequently on the busy roads of central London. While its small size meant that parking was easy, the tiny frame compromised on safety and its design wasn’t much to shout about.

Rover CityRover


Manufactured and released during the last years of the famed British brand, the CityRover was widely criticised, with negativity focusing on the build quality in particular.

Suzuki X-90

Inspired by the successful Suzuki Vitara SUV, the X-90 took things to another level by combining the somewhat scaled-down appearance of an SUV with the handling and off road performance (or lack of) of a small car. Needless to say, this strange combination was poorly received thanks to the bad handling and aforementioned lack of off-road performance.

Austin Allegro


Released in the 1970s, the Allegro was not the critics’ favourite car. Citing poor handling and design, it was panned universally and was a damning indictment of the standard of British manufacturing. This was further proved when the Volkswagen Golf was introduced, which went on to be the iconic car we know today.

Chrysler P.T Cruiser Cabrio
The original P.T Cruiser was infamous for its odd, clunky design, so Chrysler tried to improve its image by manufacturing a convertible version. Unfortunately, this didn’t do much for the general feeling about the vehicle, and it, too, was panned by critics and consumers alike.

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