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Top 10 Features That Drivers Want in Their Cars

Research by Hyundai Motor UK in June 2018 shows Britons are united when it comes to the latest technologies they look for when buying a new car.

Other interesting facts include the 71% of drivers who believe price is the most important factor, followed by reliability, type of fuel, comfort and fuel economy tailgating closely behind.

The creature comforts of car buyers are also comparable across the board, with the following 10 being top on the list.

1. Air Conditioning

top ten features that drivers want in their cars - air conditioning

No modern car is complete without climate control at your fingertips. The current unpredictability of the seasons means cranking up the thermostat in bitter winter and down in a sizzling summer, is sweet, sweet relief.

2. Parking Sensors

top ten features that drivers want in their cars - parking sensors
Cars are getting bigger. We’re getting older. Our sight isn’t what is used to be – whatever your excuse, parking sensors are a boon. Gone are the days of rear-ending bollards at supermarkets with every visit. Today’s parking sensors even operate alongside reversing cameras, which makes them practically foolproof.

3. Electric Windows

top ten features that drivers want in their cars - electric windows

They’ve been an increasingly prominent luxury for the past decade, to the point that ‘windies’ are a bit of a quirk on modern cars. Nevertheless, they’re the perfect solution to controlling all your vehicle’s windows from the driver’s seat.

4. Sat-nav

top ten features that drivers want in their cars - sat nav
In-built sat-nav is quick, easy and less hassle than using a dedicated device or your smartphone. You’ll save battery on the smartphone, enjoy a bigger screen and never have to fumble in the footwell again for a tomtom that’s come unstuck from the window.

5. Spacious Boot

top ten features that drivers want in their cars - spacious boot

Even if you’re purchasing a super-mini, a capacious boot is a must. Our cars are now important for so much more than travel and this is partly because boot space has increased year on year. Camping trips, road trips, the weekly shop, car boot sales and moving furniture is all made easier with a bigger boot. Pair this with fold-flat seats and your car is suddenly your most versatile asset.

6. Digital Radio

top ten features that drivers want in their cars - digital radio

The humble radio has been a faithful friend to motorway drivers and white van workers alike, but in the 21st century we want for more. Enter the better, faster, digital radio with more stations than you can shake a stick at, otherwise known as DAB digital radio.

7. Heated Mirrors

Defrost your mirrors without scraping them and skewing them out of your preferred orientation. What’s not to love?

8. Automatic Braking System

top ten features that drivers want in their cars - automatic braking system

You’ll reduce your insurance premium, increase your response time and save that daft pigeon in the road, or whatever unfortunate being happens to be in the middle of the lane. How does it work? Radar magic, that’s how.

9. Heated Seats

top ten features that drivers want in their cars - heated seats
A cold car can be unbearable in the winter. This is where heated seats make all the difference. As well as the obvious benefits of warming you quicker and more effectively, heated seats are great at relieving lower back pain because the concentrated heat relaxes the muscles.

10. Bluetooth

top ten features that drivers want in their cars - bluetooth

Bluetooth makes your car safer and easier to live with. Firstly, pair it to your phone and suddenly you have music requests, integrated speakers and sat-nav directions available by voice command. You’ll also have your entire media library connected to the car, which makes for a seamless listening experience.

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