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Top Driving Habits that Slowly Destroy Your Car

We all have different habits when driving, whether you consider yourself a good or bad driver. However, certain habits that you may have been doing for years may actually be harming your vehicle, and this article is going to look at what they are and why they are harmful to your car.


Delaying maintenance

Sometimes, taking your car to the garage can be an inconvenience, and it can be very easy to ignore it to do something else. However, delaying or avoiding regular maintenance can be very damaging to your vehicle, as minor issues can go unchecked and develop into serious problems, which can be very dangerous when you are on the road. Regular maintenance includes replacing oil and filters, transmission fluids, air filters and brake pads. For the recommended maintenance schedule for your vehicle, consult the manufacturer’s handbook.



Changing gear from reverse to drive, or vice versa while moving can be damaging to your vehicle’s transmission. Doing so while moving is excessively strenuous for the transmission and it can even be instantly destroyed by such an action.


Harsh braking/acceleration

Ideally, any increase or decrease in speed should be done gradually and smoothly, in good time. However, it is common for people to accelerate harshly away from a standing start, or brake aggressively when they approach traffic lights or a corner. Doing so can cause your transmission, engine and brakes to deteriorate quickly, as they are not intended for such use.


Avoiding tyre replacement

It is understandable that people may avoid replacing their tyres regularly in a financial sense, as they can be very costly to do, and it may seem like your tyres can last for another few months. However, uneven tyres, or tyres that are worn down can be very dangerous. An overworn tyre can blow out at anytime, which can send your vehicle into an uncontrollable spin, which could be fatal. In wet weather, this risk is increased exponentially. It is vital that you monitor your tyres and get them inspected or replaced regularly.

By taking care to avoid these bad habits, you can prolong the life of your car’s components, as well as helping to keep yourself safe on the roads, not to mention other road users and pedestrians.

Tyres Northampton are proud to provide the highest quality tyres from leading manufacturers and budget brands alike, for a wide range of vehicles. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to help.


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