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Tyre Safety Affects Everyone!

When it comes to matters concerning the safety of your car tyres, you do not have to be an automotive specialist to understand how important it is to have the right ones. Accidents are one of the most common effects of sub-standard or incorrectly installed tyres and it is always good to play safe by using the right tyres and ensuring that they are properly maintained. This makes your ride enjoyable and less-stressful because you will not have to worry about unnecessary delays or accidents caused by faulty, or poor quality, tyres.

You should also bear in mind that thanks to the introduction of motorsports, it is now becoming increasingly necessary to emphasise the importance of tyre safety. Popular motorsport competitions, such as the F1, attract huge viewership all over the world and, as such, are a great platform upon which tyre safety can be promoted.


However, incidents within the sport are quite common and a recent example of this is the Pirelli tyre incident during an F1 race in Spain. During the event, most of the drivers had no choice but to make four pit stops as a result of tyre problems. Of course, this affected the performances of various drivers such as Paul di Resta, a Force India driver. The Scot had no choice but to halt his Force India car following a spectacular mishap that affected the left rear tyre. After realising the mistake, the manufacturer promised to introduce revised Pirelli tyres for the next race. This shows how important it is to have the right tyre for your car.

The quality of your tyres will have a massive impact on road safety, particularly in wet or icy weather conditions. A high quality tyre normally has plenty of tread running along its surface this makes it easier for the driver to avoid road accidents which might be caused by lack of friction.
The introduction of revised Pirelli tyres to the Canadian Grand Prix is a clear indication of how important it is to have safe tyres for your vehicle. Pirelli made this decision not because it wanted to save its reputation, but because the tyre distributor values the lives of millions of drivers out there. As a driver, you do not have to wait for a possible accident to realise that you probably had the wrong tyres or they were poorly maintained. Most doctors believe that prevention is better than cure – and the same applies to driving a vehicle.

From the above observation, it is clear that the safety of tyres is not only restricted to professional drivers. As a matter of fact, it is fair to conclude that tyre safety affects everyone, including motorsports drivers, pedestrians and families requiring budget tyres. For the best tyre service, you should always visit a reliable professional to choose and fit these tyres for you.


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