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What are the benefits of an aftermarket exhaust?

Aftermarket exhausts have got a bit of a bad rep over the years. Too often have we seen boy racers driving hatchbacks with Dick Dastardly-esque exhausts cut us up on the motorway, so you wouldn’t be blamed for wanting to distance yourself from car modification culture. Are they all that bad though? Today, we’re going to be looking at aftermarket exhausts and if they’re really necessary.

Can an Aftermarket Exhaust Make My Car Work Better?

There are three key benefits that you can get from adding an aftermarket exhaust to your car, these are:

  • More power: Some aftermarket exhaust manufacturers, such as American company MagnaFlow, suggest that by adding one of their aftermarket exhausts you will see horsepower gains of around 10%. Of course, how accurate this is will depend heavily on the prior condition of the car, but this gives you a ballpark figure.
  • Improved fuel economy: This is where you can start seeing your aftermarket exhaust purchase as more of a long-term investment. That is, because the new exhaust system provides a more efficient path for the gases to escape, your vehicle can make better use of the available fuel which, in turn, improves your car’s fuel economy.
  • Sound: Remember that boy racer we were talking about earlier? The ear-bleeding sound emitted by his exhaust is not representative of most aftermarket or replacement exhausts. Many of the better aftermarket exhaust systems are only slightly louder than standard exhausts, but create a distinctive low growl during acceleration.

Car exhaust - What are the benefits of an aftermarket exhaust?

Do I Really Need an Aftermarket Exhaust?

The short answer: no, you don’t need an aftermarket exhaust system. However, if you’re looking to make some subtle performance improvements to your current vehicle because you don’t want to invest in a brand new one, a replacement exhaust could well be what you’re looking for.

Are Aftermarket Exhausts Legal?

Some are and some aren’t. Obnoxiously loud exhaust systems, and systems that produce extra emissions, are illegal and will net you an £50 fine if you’re found to have one fitted to your vehicle. Good quality aftermarket exhaust systems, on the other hand, are absolutely fine in the eyes of the law.

If you’re a little unsure how to tell exactly which exhaust systems are legal, call your local garage and they will be able to advise you further.

Do I Need to Tell My Car Insurance Company about a New Exhaust?

When your insurer sets pricing policies, they have to take into account all factors which could affect the chances of your vehicle being stolen or involved in an accident, including aftermarket modifications. That’s why it’s always best to be completely open and honest about any modifications you make to your vehicle when dealing with your insurer, so they can make sure your vehicle is properly covered if the worst does happen.

Are Aftermarket Exhausts Better than Standard Exhaust Systems?

Standard exhaust systems have come on leaps and bounds in the past decade or so, and the sheer variety of systems on the market means that you can have all of the performance that you would ever want from your vehicle, without the need for extra hassle, gimmicky shapes or finishes.

Need some help finding the right exhaust system or getting one fitted? Look no further than Tyres Northampton. We have wide range of different exhausts and catalytic converters, and they’re all covered by a 2-year guarantee, meaning you get complete peace of mind when you choose us. To find out more about our range, all you have to do is give us a call!


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