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Why Are Local Garages Better Than Dealerships For Vehicle Servicing?

Chances are, your car is one of your most valuable assets. Ensuring it receives the best possible care and maintenance should be a top priority. For some people, that equates to making a potentially long trip to the dealership for, what most people assume to be, a superior service. But is it really? In this article, we explore the question of local garages vs dealerships, and why visiting your local autocentre can give you a better and more personalised service to benefit you and your vehicle alike. 

wheel alignment illustration - wheel alignment being carried out at Tyres Northampton


Why Should You Visit a Local Garage over a Dealership?

  • Personal service

Operating on a large scale, many dealerships simply don’t have the time or capacity to be highly attentive or personal to each and every customer and vehicle. Local autocentres, however, are often smaller or family-run businesses that prize a more personalised and accommodating approach. When operating on this smaller, local level, you may find the customer service to be much warmer and attentive to your needs. 

  • More affordable

Once again, since dealerships are operating on a much larger scale, their overheads will be greater. This results in a need to charge customers a little more during servicing and MOTs to cover these overheads. Local garages, on the other hand, have smaller overheads and can therefore offer the same high quality service at a more affordable price. 

  • Expert service

Of course, both dealerships and local garages have fully-trained professionals on hand to help. At local autocentres, though, you will often find mechanics who have learned the trade from a very young age, or have been involved in the industry for many years. Some garages may even be family-run, with knowledge being passed from generation to generation. 

  • Less travel 

Dealerships aren’t usually on your doorstep. This may result in taking a possibly lengthy trip for access to services. The truth is, many local garages and autocentres have all the skills, expertise and parts required to reliably service your vehicle – and visiting them will take significantly less time out of your day. 

  • Broad depth of knowledge

Focusing on just one or two brands, dealerships will have specialist knowledge of certain makes, models and brands of cars and their accessories. Local garages will instead have a broad range of specialist knowledge on a wide variety of car manufacturers, allowing them to attend to any car that comes through the doors. In addition to being able to service, repair, diagnose and run MOTs on a vast array of vehicles, garages also have a broad range of tyres and other accessories in stock, too, allowing problems to be quickly and expertly solved. 

Here at Tyres Northampton, our customers come first. With over 25 years of industry experience, our array of services include tyre fitting and supply, MOTs, and vehicle servicing for vehicles from a wide array of manufacturers – and all at an affordable price. To discuss your needs with our experts, please give us a call or visit us at our performance centre. 


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