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Why Should You Always Buy Tyres in Pairs or Replace All Four?

Buying replacement tyres is something that all motorists must do every so often. Whether it’s because you have had a puncture or a blowout, or your tyres have simply worn down from years of heavy usage, it is important that your vehicle is fitted with high quality tyres at all times, in order to preserve your safety on the roads and the safety of those around you. When you are buying new tyres, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind to ensure you get the best value for money, and this article will look into the most important ones, particularly why you should buy them in pairs or fours.

Pairs and Fours

The main reason that tyres are bought in sets of two or four is to maintain the balance between the wheels. It is said that you should always fit the newest set of tyres to the rear axle of your vehicle – this is because having a grip at the rear of your vehicle is the most important, regardless of whether your car is front, rear or four-wheel drive. If only one new tyre is fitted on an axle, you will unbalance your vehicle because the levels of grip will be so different on the respective sides.

Never mix cross-ply and radial tyres on an axle

This can be very dangerous and can unbalance your vehicle, making it difficult to control if conditions become tricky. In the UK, most tyres sold are radial tyres, which means this issue is unlikely to arise, but always check the construction of your tyres, just in case.

Never mix winter tyres with all-season

winter tyres

Tyres that are specifically built for winter have different grip patterns and specifications in order to help them deal with trickier conditions. If you buy winter tyres, you should buy them in a set of four, as mixing and matching will destabilise your car and unbalance the levels of grip.

Always replace the full set of 4×4 tyres

4x4 tyres

For 4x4s, anything other than changing the whole set of tyres can cause damage to the vehicle’s system. The only circumstance where you may not change all four and only change one or two, is where the difference in tread between old and new tyres is less than 3mm.

Buying new tyres can be an expensive task, and buying multiple ones even more so. However, it is something that must be done if your car is to be as safe as possible and you are to adhere to the laws of the road.

Tyres Northampton are specialists in providing tyres for all types of vehicles. We offer brand new and budget tyres for saloons, performance cars and 4x4s alike, so get in touch with us today to find out more.

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