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World’s Fastest Tyre Changes

It seems that each new F1 season brings a new record, and while Red Bull will be celebrating Sebastian Vettel’s fourth championship title, the pit crew also have another record to celebrate. They are laying claim to the fastest F1 pit stop with a time of 1.923 seconds set in the US Grand Prix. It comes hot on the heels of the previous record, also set by Red Bull, of 2.05 seconds set in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Until 2009, teams were also allowed to refuel the cars when they come into the pit lane, but the risk of fire in the pit lanes was considered too great and now the safety regulations  have improved for pit stops. When refuelling was allowed, it could often take between 6 and 12 seconds to make a pit stop, but now the magic 2 second barrier has finally been broken. A pit stop is classified as the total time a car is stationary in the pit lane.

It is essential to make stops during a race to change tyres due to the longevity of the races held – the drivers must come away from the circuit and re-join after their tyre change. A lot of emphasis has been placed on this element of the race as it can make or break the driver’s position when they re-join the track. If one driver is a position behind the other, then a shorter pit stop for either driver will give a greater lead or tighten the gap to the benefit of the quicker team.

A car that doesn’t change tyres risks losing grip and therefore vital power on the track, and there are also different tyres for different conditions, such as treaded for wet conditions and slick for dry. So important are the tyres that tests are done specifically for the purpose of deciding which tyres will work best on which tracks.

This new record comes as part of the Red Bull team’s efforts for greater consistency on pit stops, something that McLaren have been criticised for despite setting the record previously with a stop of 2.31 seconds. Red Bull have suggested that there is still more time to be shaved off the pit stops and they hope to better their record once more.

However, changing the tyres is a tougher job than you might think. On the television we see helmeted and fire-proofed men in jumpsuits take one wheel off and plonk another on; but put that in to perspective by thinking about the last time you changed a tyre on your car. You may have never even attempted it, calling out roadside services instead.

The safety of the job they are completing is of vital importance to the functioning of the vehicle. The same is true of the tyres on your vehicle. Even though you may not be travelling at those high speeds lap after lap, you still need your tyres to be completely secured and feature good tread – that goes for both domestic and commercial vehicles. You don’t want to ruin your axel by having a tyre fitted incorrectly and you also wouldn’t want to be pulled over and fined for having tyres that are too thin on their tread.

So if you are looking for professional tyre fitters, Tyres Northampton are here for you. With a tyre fitting service to suit your schedule and mobile tyre fitting available, we make having your pit stop convenient and stress-free.

We can come to your home, your work or visit you at the roadside and, although we might not get it done in 1.923 seconds, you can rest assured that you’ll be driving away in complete safety when it comes to your tyres!

For more information on our tyre fitting service, simply give the professionals at Tyres Northampton a call today!


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