Alignment Northampton

Ensure Your Car Handles Correctly with Alignment in Northampton

Our skilled and experienced professionals offer wheel alignment in Northampton to ensure our customers’ cars handle safely and correctly on the road.

Searching for ‘alignment Northampton’? Your search is over. Tyres Northampton offers specialised wheel alignment services designed to keep you safe and your car running smoothly. Correct alignment ensures your car grips the road the way it was designed to. It also prolongs the lifespan of your tyres.

Over time, wheels become misaligned due to thousands of bumps and knocks. This is unavoidable, so it’s always a good idea to get your wheel alignment checked and corrected at regular intervals. We offer more than 35 years of experience in this and many other car maintenance services, so your vehicle is in safe hands.
Alignment Northampton
Alignment Northampton
Alignment Northampton


We provide Wheel Alignment to Northampton customers but we also supply to other areas such as:






Our Approach to Wheel Alignment in Northampton

We have developed a simple yet comprehensive process to ensure the cars we assess leave our garage with their wheels fully aligned.

- The steering wheel is locked into the straight-ahead position
- Measuring heads are fitted to the back wheels and centre line scales are fitted to the front wheels
- We check that the laser reading is the same for both sets of wheels
- If the readings differ, our professionals will adjust the rear toe to correct any deviation

We use the latest alignment technologies for maximum accuracy including Hunter alignment equipment. When you leave the Tyres Northampton garage, your wheels will be aligned as they were when your vehicle left the factory.

Want to know more about wheel alignment? Read our What Is a Wheel Alignment?


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Why Choose Us for Wheel Alignment in Northampton

We are committed to customer satisfaction, safety and professionalism. We strive to ensure work of the very highest quality - keeping your car safe, stable and efficient on the road.

- While-you-wait service in our newly refurbished reception
- The expert alignment services of a qualified and experienced team of vehicle maintenance specialists
- Free hot drinks while you wait in our Toyo Tires cafe
- Watch your car being serviced, repaired or maintained
- The most accurate alignment equipment available today

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Maximise your car’s handling, safety and fuel efficiency by booking it in for an alignment in Northampton today. Use our online booking form to secure your appointment, or call us on 01604 588 599 to speak to a member of the Tyres Northampton team.
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wheel alignment Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Car Need a Wheel Alignment?

Over time, the wheels on a car can become misaligned. And when this happens, a range of issues can affect both your vehicle’s performance and your safety. A car in need of a wheel alignment will typically suffer from fuel efficiency problems, steering problems, suspension problems and a general decline in road handling.

How Do Wheel Alignments Issues Occur?

In most cases, wheels that move away from the manufacturer’s specifications can be fixed relatively quickly. In most cases, the problem is caused by an event — or a series of events — on the road. For example, hitting a kerb hard can cause wheel alignment issues. Driving over potholes regularly can also cause problems.

How Does Wheel Alignment Work?

At Tyres Northampton, we use wheel alignment technology to check that all four wheels are angled in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. This involves the use of four laser imaging sensors that check a range of primary alignment angles.