Car Servicing Northampton

Reliable Vehicle Servicing in Northampton at Highly Competitive Prices

We offer vehicle servicing in Northampton that’s both affordable and reliable. Our highly experienced professionals deliver work of the highest possible standard - using quality parts you can rely on.

We have developed a comprehensive programme of vehicle servicing in Northampton that’s designed to keep your car in tip-top condition at all times. By maintaining and servicing your car according to the manufacturer’s instructions, you can stay safe on the road and prolong the lifespan of your vehicle.

Our highly qualified technicians will perform all the standard checks and changes normally associated with vehicle servicing. However, they’ll go above and beyond to check your vehicle for the smallest of defects - before they end up causing you serious (and expensive) problems.


We provide Vehicle Servicing to Northampton customers but we also supply to other areas such as:






Expert Vehicle Servicing in Northampton for Your Peace of Mind

We treat every car we service as if it were our own. That’s why we’ve developed a stringent process that leaves nothing to chance. When it comes to vehicle servicing in Northampton, we won’t be bettered on quality or attention to detail.

We offer three main vehicle servicing packages. And while each one includes a specific set of checks and maintenance tasks, we can carry out additional work at the same time.

Interim Vehicle Servicing in Northampton

We recommend an interim service every 6,000 miles or six months - whichever comes first. This option includes a range of checks, an oil change, a filter change and a brake check.

Full Vehicle Servicing in Northampton

We recommend a full vehicle service every 12,000 miles or 12 months - whichever comes first. This option includes a comprehensive safety checklist, oil and filter changes, fluid replenishment and a host of other essential maintenance tasks.

Major Vehicle Servicing in Northampton

This option includes a comprehensive list of safety and performance checks designed to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. A full list of all the checks and maintenance tasks included can be found below.

We utilise a fixed-price model for all vehicle servicing in Northampton - so you never have to worry about hidden costs.


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Why Choose Us for Vehicle Servicing in Northampton

Our skilled and experienced vehicle servicing professionals in Northampton will treat your car as if it were their own. Our tried-and-tested process is designed to keep your car roadworthy and running efficiently at all times.

When you entrust us with your car, you get the following impressive benefits:

- The care and attention of experienced, highly qualified vehicle servicing technicians
- A full servicing report including works carried out and advisory repairs
- A pleasant, newly refurbished reception area to wait in
- Access to our Toyo Tires Cafe - where complimentary drinks are served

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The difference between Interim, Full and Major Services

*Certain types of vehicles use specialist oils, if this is the case we will communicate before starting any work if any extra costs are involved.

**Applies to standard spark plugs. If a specialist spark plug is required, we will communicate before starting any work if any extra costs are involved.​

***Certain rare cars have premium fuel filters. If this is the case with your vehicle, we will always communicate before starting any work if any extra costs are involved.​

****Certain cars require longer labour to reach, if this is the case we will communicate before starting any work if any extra costs are involved.

vehicle servicing faq'S

Should I book my servicing in Northampton with my MOT?

Yes, as booking them together helps you to remember both. And when you book an MOT and service as part of a package with Tyres Northampton, you can save money.

When can I drop off my car for its service?

We don’t have long-term parking facilities at Tyres Northampton, so we ask all our customers to arrive at our service centre five minutes before their appointment.

How long does car servicing Northampton take?

This depends on the type of servicing you require and the work required on your car. In most cases, we complete services within half a day. But we’ll keep you posted if your service is expected to take longer.

Do I need a full service?

Yes, you can wait in our comfortable service centre, where you’ll be treated to tea and coffee. However, if your test uncovers a problem with your vehicle, there may have to wait longer than expected while our technicians rectify it.

Do you offer major services?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive major service that includes specialist oils, spark plugs, premium fuel filters and much more. Get in touch to find out more about our enhanced servicing in Northampton.

What’s included in your servicing packages?

We offer three types of servicing in Northampton: interim, full and major. You can find a full list of all the tests and tasks included with each one below.

How much does a servicing cost?

The price we charge for servicing differs depending on the size of your car and the type of servicing you require. For example, a full service on a 1-litre vehicle costs £169.99. A full service on a 2.5-litre car costs £229.99. Call us to find out exactly how much your next service with Tyres Northampton is going to cost. But we’re confident you’ll be happy, as we offer some of the most competitive prices in the area.


Our highly skilled and experienced servicing technicians will provide you with a report of all the work and checks carried out. This report will also include a list of advisory repairs (if any were found).

Do you service hybrid cars?

Yes, we service hybrids and EVs, but we recommend speaking to one of our servicing technicians about your servicing needs first.

Do you update digital service histories?

Yes, our servicing technicians update online and digital service histories for many of the largest car manufacturers. Speak to one of our technicians about your digital records when you drop off your vehicle.

What happens if my vehicle requires a repair?

Don’t worry, we’ll never carry out repairs without your permission. If we find an issue with your car during its service, we’ll call you immediately to explain the problem and what we need to do in order to rectify it. We’ll also give you our best price for the work. As soon as you agree to the price, our technicians will get started — although we may need to schedule the work for a future date if we need to order parts. We’ll keep you updated with our progress and the estimated completion time.