The AllSeasonContact 2: A Perfect Blend of Safety and Performance
June 21, 2023

Upgraded Efficiency and Safety

With the AllSeasonContact 2, Continental has successfully increased mileage by 15 per cent compared to the previous model while reducing rolling resistance by 6 per cent. This remarkable advancement doesn't compromise safety.

The AllSeasonContact 2 also outperforms its predecessor in dry road handling and offers even shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads. The tyre matches its precursor regarding ride comfort, safe snow performance, and aquaplaning resistance.

Innovative Construction for Better Performance

The AllSeasonContact 2's advancements can be attributed to several innovations in the tyre's construction, tread pattern, and tread compound. New materials used in the tyre's construction reduce energy losses, leading to lower rolling resistance.

Continental's tyre developers have designed the AllSeasonContact 2's tread with a V-shaped pattern and C-shaped tread blocks. The V-shape design offers substantial benefits in wet conditions. It creates numerous water channels towards the tyre's sidewalls, facilitating effective drainage. The multiple C-shaped blocks in the middle of the V-tread pattern work together, ensuring precise handling throughout the tyre's lifespan.

The AllSeasonContact 2: A Perfect Blend of Safety and Performance

Advanced 'Chili' Technologies for Superior Grip and Durability

Continental's chemical specialists have devised a combination of various 'Chili' technologies for the tread compound. New plasticisers with a high damping effect provide a secure grip and precise steering response in cold, wintry road conditions.

Alongside this, a new polymer composition offers good adhesion and shorter braking distances on dry and wet roads, even in hot summer weather. Furthermore, a newly developed, flexible elastomer network that adapts to the road surface lowers wear and increases mileage.

A Robust All-season Solution for All Drive Types

The AllSeasonContact 2 builds on the highly safe handling properties of its predecessor. It enhances performance on dry and wet roads and extends mileage. During its development, Continental kept the needs of all types of vehicles in mind, making the AllSeasonContact 2 an efficient all-season solution for vehicles of all drive types.

In perfect timing for the autumn 2023 tyre-changing season, the AllSeasonContact 2 will be available. Continental will gradually start the production of 99 articles between 15 and 21 inches, ensuring compatibility with 87 per cent of all vehicles on the market when paired with the first-generation AllSeasonContact.

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The AllSeasonContact 2: A Perfect Blend of Safety and Performance

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The AllSeasonContact 2: A Perfect Blend of Safety and Performance
The AllSeasonContact 2: A Perfect Blend of Safety and Performance