Conti Hybrid Generation 5 Tyres: Red Dot Award Winners
May 10, 2023

The Hanover-based company's commercial vehicle tyres received high praise at this year's Red Dot Award, standing out among the fierce competition in the Product Design category. This esteemed annual design competition recognises excellence in product and industrial design, brand and communication design, and design concepts.


Hinnerk Kaiser, Head of Product Development Bus and Truck Tyres at Continental, expressed his delight at the recognition of the first two models in their new tyre generation, stating it confirms "the quality and strength of our development work, which involved bringing together concept and mileage with design and performance."


Revolutionary Tyre Design Meets Commercial Vehicle Demands


The Conti Hybrid Generation 5 tyres have been meticulously developed to meet the rigorous requirements of daily operations in the transport and logistics industry. These tyres are designed to handle frequent acceleration, braking, manoeuvring, and cornering on various road surfaces; these tyres offer high mileage, outstanding durability, and optimum traction. Moreover, their lowered rolling resistance aids in reducing fuel consumption and minimising fleet costs, demonstrating a perfect blend of design and functionality.


Kaiser emphasises the significance of tyre design in reinforcing brand identity. With their innovative strength and technological sophistication, the Conti Hybrid Generation 5 tyres exemplify Continental's commitment to designing high-quality, high-performance tyres for commercial vehicles. The award is an endorsement of the quality and strength of Continental's development work, which seamlessly combines concept, mileage, design, and performance.

Conti Hybrid Generation 5 Tyres: Red Dot Award Winners

Distinctive Design and Enhanced Brand Identity


When creating the Generation 5 tyres, Continental aimed to introduce a logical evolution of the long series of successful Conti Hybrid truck tyres with easily identifiable innovations. The hexagonal hatching effect on the sidewall links it to the tyre segment covered by the Conti Hybrid Gen5 series, providing a solid brand-enhancing result when the tyres are fitted on vehicles. Furthermore, new application icons combined with the product name illustrate the tyre's adaptability to different road conditions, making it a versatile choice for commercial vehicle operators.


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Conti Hybrid Generation 5 Tyres: Red Dot Award Winners
Conti Hybrid Generation 5 Tyres: Red Dot Award Winners
Conti Hybrid Generation 5 Tyres: Red Dot Award Winners