Continental Launches AllSeasonContact
March 21, 2022

For the first time, Continental launches dimensions of the AllSeasonContact tyre with a rolling resistance class A rating – the best possible rating for the EU tyre label. What’s more, four out of the five tyre sizes bear an XL identifier, so they can carry heavier loads. This combination makes the tyre the ideal retrofit option for electric vehicles, as it can carry a higher average weight and extend the range of e-vehicles.

Continental is initially presenting the AllSeasonContact tyre with rolling resistance class A in five sizes that can be used to retrofit popular electric vehicles such as the Hyundai Kona Electric, Kia e-Niro, Peugeot e-2008 and Opel/Vauxhall Mokka-e for year-round use. For this version of the AllSeasonContact, the developers were able to reduce the amount of material and further optimise the rolling resistance of the rubber compound. These measures reduce tyre deformation in the contact patch and as a result, the AllSeasonContact loses less energy to the road – the main cause of rolling resistance.

“We’re convinced that there is no one-tyre-fits-all solution for all-electric vehicles. Instead, we have been working for over a decade on developing our existing portfolio so that it meets the requirements of all electric vehicles and at the same time can sustainably reduce emissions from combustion vehicles as well,” says Andreas Schlenke, tyre developer at Continental. “We’re proud to be one of the first tyre manufacturers to successfully optimise the rolling resistance of an all-season tyre significantly without compromising on safety.” Most of the AllSeasonContact portfolio already has the very good rolling resistance B rating.

Continental Launches AllSeasonContact

Efficient tyres make mobility more sustainable and more cost-effective

Low rolling resistance also has positive effects for combustion vehicles. It reduces CO2 emissions and consumption, which cuts fuel costs. At the same time, fleet operators can save on expenses for tyre replacement and storage by using all-season tyres.

Accordingly, Continental’s first three sizes also cover popular fleet vehicles. For example, the AllSeasonContact with particularly low rolling resistance is now also available in sizes for the VW Passat (Elegance, GTE) and the Skoda Superb (STYLE, Premium Edition).

Original equipment approvals for VW and Jeep

Continental has already received approvals for the AllSeasonContact with rolling resistance A for the VW Transporter and Caddy as well as Jeep Compass. For all models, the tyre can also be retrofitted via dealers.

The AllSeasonContact combines elements of Continental’s Premium summer and winter tyres. In the all-season tyre test conducted by AutoBild (of September 24, 2020), the tyre was rated “exemplary” for its all-round capabilities and good price-performance ratio. Overall, the all-season tyre is available in 142 versions, with widths between 155 and 275 millimetres, cross sections between 70 and 35 percent, and rims with diameters of 14 to 20 inches. Continental recommends an expert inspection of all-season tyres at least once a year for possible damage and wear.

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Continental Launches AllSeasonContact
Continental Launches AllSeasonContact
Continental Launches AllSeasonContact