Continental Showcases Curved Display
January 12, 2023

Continental, a technology company based in Babenhausen (Germany) and Las Vegas, unveiled their Curved Ultrawide Display at CES 2023. This 47.5-inch TFT display is illuminated by more than 3,000 LEDs on a 7,680 by 660 active pixel area and features a radius of 4,200 millimetres. It offers vehicle manufacturers a high level of design freedom to create a futuristic, high-end cockpit and display content on a seamless screen surface.


In addition to the Curved Ultrawide Display, Continental is showcasing its Driver Identification innovation at CES 2023. This technology involves facial recognition as well as authentication via smartphone and biometric data to allow drivers to have a personalised experience in the car. This is combined with facial recognition algorithms that collect up-to-date driver data, allowing for convenient and safe control of car infotainment systems, climate settings or vehicle access.


In2visible Display


In addition to the immersive visual experience provided by the Curved Ultrawide Display, Continental is also introducing its revolutionary In2visible Display at CES 2023. This innovative technology utilises a unique display that prevents unnecessary information from distracting the driver. The display will show interactive elements, such as buttons for climate control or navigation settings, only when the driver's eyes are looking in the direction of the panel and will make them invisible when not in use.

This innovative technology from Continental is set to revolutionise the interior design of cars and create a new level of convenience for drivers.

Continental Showcases Curved Display

CES Innovation Award for Driver Identification Display


Continental's Driver Identification Display was recently honoured with a CES Innovation Award. This award recognises products that demonstrate superior engineering, design and functionality as well as “an outstanding user experience”. The judges also praised the technology for providing a personalised driving experience while maintaining safety and security.


The combination of Continental's Curved Ultrawide Display and Driver Identification Display offer vehicle manufacturers the perfect balance of innovation, safety and convenience for their vehicles. With these technologies, drivers can be sure to have a safe and comfortable driving experience.


This is a press release from Continental about their innovative Curved Ultrawide Display with Invisible Control Panel and Driver Identification technology, which was recently honoured with a CES Innovation award. The display and technology offer unparalleled convenience and safety for drivers while providing vehicle manufacturers with the freedom to create futuristic cockpit designs. As Continental continues innovating in the automotive industry, they are sure to set new standards for driver experience and comfort.

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Continental Showcases Curved Display
Continental Showcases Curved Display
Continental Showcases Curved Display