Continental's Leap Towards a Greener Future: The UltraContact NXT

Continental's Leap Towards a Greener Future: The UltraContact NXT

Continental, renowned for its commitment to advanced technology and sustainable mobility, has unveiled its greenest tyre yet: the UltraContact NXT. Produced in Lousado, Portugal, this new summer tyre heralds an era where sustainability meets high performance, showcasing a remarkable blend of renewable, recycled, and certified materials.

August 30, 2023

Sustainably Sourced Materials

One of the major highlights of the UltraContact NXT is its use of up to 32% renewable materials. Continental has ingeniously incorporated resins derived from the residue of the paper and wood industries and silicate from rice husk ash. This agricultural waste product is converted into a beneficial silica through a novel, energy-efficient process. The tyre's backbone remains the natural rubber, an invaluable material praised for strength and durability.

A Nod to Recycling: The 'Recycled Materials' Badge

The UltraContact NXT proudly sports the "contains recycled materials" emblem on its sidewall, emphasising Continental's commitment to sustainable practices. The tyre boasts up to a 5% share of recycled ingredients sourced from end-of-life tyres and recycled steel. Its ContiRe.Tex technology, another feat in eco-friendly innovation, harnesses high-performance polyester fibres recycled from PET bottles that would otherwise be discarded. With this technology, between nine to fifteen bottles are given a new lease of life with each tyre, depending on its size.

Continental's Leap Towards a Greener Future: The UltraContact NXT

Mass Balance Certified Components

In another nod to sustainability, up to 28% of the materials in the UltraContact NXT are ISCC PLUS mass balance certified. This certification, which ensures transparency throughout the supply chain, verifies the sustainable origins of synthetic rubber and industrial carbon black in the tyre.

A Vision of a Greener Tomorrow

Continental's journey towards sustainability isn't a mere fleeting trend. The company actively invests in innovative technologies, sustainable products, and services. By 2030, the premium tyre manufacturer aspires for its tyres to contain over 40% renewable and recycled content. By 2050, Continental aims to achieve 100% sustainable materials in all its tyre products, in line with its Vision 2030 strategic programme. The UltraContact NXT stands as a testament to these ambitions.

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Continental's Leap Towards a Greener Future: The UltraContact NXT

Designed for the Modern Vehicle

Building on the success of the UltraContact family, which debuted in 2022, the UltraContact NXT is poised for a phased European introduction. Engineered for both electric and combustion engines, it offers unparalleled label efficiency and impressive mileage performance. To further underscore its adaptability, the tyre carries the EV Compatible logo. Future users can expect compatibility with various popular vehicles, from the Kia Niro and Tesla Model 3 to the VW Golf 8 and Audi A3.

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The launch of the UltraContact NXT is a promising indicator of the direction the automotive industry is headed: one where performance and sustainability converge seamlessly.

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Continental's Leap Towards a Greener Future: The UltraContact NXT
Continental's Leap Towards a Greener Future: The UltraContact NXT