NEW Van Summer Tyre: Continental VanContact Ultra

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NEW Van Summer Tyre: Continental VanContact Ultra

June 27, 2022
Last Updated:
June 30, 2022

Continental has released the VanContact Ultra, a new summer tyre in the Van line. This tire was designed to have developmental advantages over previous tyres that Continental has made. These advantages include increased mileage, higher durability, and resistance. Continental developed the VanContact Ultra tyre, especially for vehicles used by delivery services or other occupations carrying heavy loads during the summer. The tyre's features are tailored towards those needs with fixtures that ensure economic driving at all times. The tyre has a robust design to accommodate for weight of the vehicle and also features a low rolling resistance and minimal noise pollution between tyre and road. 

The tyre was developed due to an observed increase in van trips in urban areas. These van trips include both delivery services and special home services that require heavy equipment to be transported. Experts have predicted that the door-to-door delivery industry will see a 7% annual growth rate by 2025. This has proven the need for reliable tyres that can withstand certain conditions. The European trade association ACEA reported that sales of vehicles needed for delivery and other similar services increased by 40% from the years 2014 to 2019. Another sales platform, the Alzura Tyre 24 platform, reported a 20% rise in delivery van tyre sales during the last five months of 2021.

NEW Van Summer Tyre: Continental VanContact Ultra

With all these statistics being noted, the VanContact Ultra provides the best quality tyre to suit the needs of these vehicles. Continental's new tyre features a design that focuses on sustainability and longevity. This tyre and all of Continental's tyres use the last generation of functionalised polymers to create highly efficient tyres that are robust and have high mileage and low rolling resistance. The tread design features a closed outer shoulder that adds to the service life of the tyre, and the sides of the tyres are protected from curb damage. The VanContact Ultra is also optimised to prevent damage from stones getting stuck in the tread grooves. This is accomplished by the presence of “stone-stoppers” in the outer two tracks. This ensures that any rocks or debris that get stuck are promptly removed. The tyre also features reinforced sidewalls. 

In 2022, Continental intends to produce 20 versions of the VanContact Ultra tyre for vans. The different versions will feature rim diameters of 15 and 16 inches, load capacities of up to 1,450kg, and speed capabilities of up to 210 km/h. The first VanContact Ultra tyres began production in March 2022.

NEW Van Summer Tyre: Continental VanContact Ultra
NEW Van Summer Tyre: Continental VanContact Ultra
NEW Van Summer Tyre: Continental VanContact Ultra

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