UltraContact NXT Wins German Award for Sustainability Projects 2024
June 19, 2024


The UltraContact NXT incorporates up to 65 per cent renewable, recycled, and ISCC PLUS mass balance-certified materials, making it Continental's most sustainable tyre. Since its market debut, the tyre has amassed multiple awards, including the Sustainability Award at the Swiss Automotive Show Innovation Awards 2023, the International Design Award 2023, and the German Innovation Award 2024.


Celebrating Commitment to Sustainable Mobility


Maria Hanczuch, the Head of Program Management Private Mobility Tires at Continental, expressed immense satisfaction with the award’s recognition. She emphasised that this award is a testament to Continental's tireless dedication to creating sustainable mobility solutions for the future.


Moreover, Hanczuch highlighted that the UltraContact NXT, the first mass-produced passenger car tyre with a significant share of sustainable materials, demonstrates Continental's pioneering spirit. She also reinforced the company's determination to continue innovating with products and technologies that advance sustainability within the automotive sector.

UltraContact NXT Wins German Award for Sustainability Projects 2024

Combining Sustainability and Safety


The UltraContact NXT sets a new standard by seamlessly merging sustainability with safety and performance. Every available size of the UltraContact NXT boasts top ratings on the EU tyre label for rolling resistance, wet grip, and exterior noise, all earning the coveted "A" grade. This ensures drivers enjoy exceptional performance, even in the most demanding conditions, while contributing to a greener future.


Continental meticulously sources its materials, ensuring they align with the highest sustainability standards. The tyre incorporates renewable raw materials like resins from the paper and wood industry and silica derived from rice husk ash. It also includes recycled materials such as rubber from scrap tyres and recycled steel, and its carcass features polyester fibres repurposed from PET bottles through Continental's innovative ContiRe.Tex technology.

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UltraContact NXT Wins German Award for Sustainability Projects 2024

Driving Forward with Sustainable Solutions


Continental's journey toward sustainability continues beyond the UltraContact NXT. The company is committed to driving innovative technologies and sustainable practices throughout the value chain, from sourcing raw materials to recycling used tyres. By 2030, Continental aims to incorporate over 40% renewable and recycled materials in its tyres, emphasising its commitment to environmental sustainability.


The German Award for Sustainability Projects, presented annually under the patronage of former Federal Minister of Economics Brigitte Zypries, celebrates projects that exemplify outstanding contributions to sustainability. Organised by the German Institute for Service Quality in partnership with DUP Unternehmer and ntv, the award recognises initiatives that align with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, covering social, economic, and environmental aspects.

UltraContact NXT Wins German Award for Sustainability Projects 2024

Inspiring a Sustainable Future


The UltraContact NXT's recognition by the German Award for Sustainability Projects highlights its role as a beacon of innovation and environmental responsibility. It inspires other companies striving to integrate sustainability into their core operations. Continental's ongoing commitment to developing eco-friendly tyres is a testament to its leadership in driving the future of sustainable mobility.


As an authorised dealer of Continental Tires, Tyres Northampton proudly offers these award-winning tyres to our customers. Visit us in-store to learn more about how the UltraContact NXT can enhance your driving experience while supporting a sustainable future.

UltraContact NXT Wins German Award for Sustainability Projects 2024