UltraContact NXT Wins Prestigious German Innovation Award
May 22, 2024

The German Design Council has been a design, branding, and innovation leader since 1953. Through events, conventions, awards, and expert committees, it fosters international exchange and networking. Meanwhile, the German Innovation Award celebrates products and services that pioneer new paths and significantly benefit users and the environment.

The UltraContact NXT's recognition by the Council highlights Continental's commitment to developing sustainable, high-performance tyres that meet modern consumer demands and environmental standards.

UltraContact NXT Wins Prestigious German Innovation Award

Combining Sustainability, Safety, and Performance

Maria Hanczuch, Head of Program Management Private Mobility Tires at Continental, expressed pride in the award, stating that they are proud that the German Design Council has recognized their efforts for sustainability and innovation with the German Innovation Award for the UltraContact NXT.

Hanczuch further highlighted that the UltraContact NXT is the first mass-produced passenger car tyre with such a high proportion of sustainable materials, marking a significant step for Continental in achieving our ambitious goals.

The UltraContact NXT combines sustainability with top-tier performance. This summer tyre includes up to 32 percent renewable raw materials, such as resins from paper and wood industry waste and silica from rice husk ash. About five percent of the tire consists of recycled materials, including rubber from mechanically processed scrap tyres and recycled steel. The tyre's carcass uses polyester fibres obtained through Continental's ContiRe.Tex technology, repurposing PET bottles that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Furthermore, Continental uses up to 28 percent ISCC PLUS certified materials in the UltraContact NXT. The ISCC PLUS mass balance certification ensures transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain by tracking the origin and properties of raw materials. All available sizes of the UltraContact NXT achieve the highest rating ("A") from the EU tyre label for rolling resistance, wet braking, and exterior noise.

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UltraContact NXT Wins Prestigious German Innovation Award

Stepping Towards a Sustainable Future

The German Innovation Award for the UltraContact NXT highlights Continental's commitment to sustainability and innovation. By incorporating high proportions of renewable, recycled, and certified materials, the UltraContact NXT establishes a new standard for environmentally friendly performance. As Continental progresses towards its ambitious sustainability goals, the UltraContact NXT represents a significant milestone in shaping a more environmentally conscious future.

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UltraContact NXT Wins Prestigious German Innovation Award
UltraContact NXT Wins Prestigious German Innovation Award