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Are Electric Cars Worth It?

Posted on 7th December 2021 by Tyres Northampton

electric car sign

In recent years, more people than ever have been making a conscious effort to be more environmentally friendly. With scientists and activists becoming increasingly concerned about the threat of climate change on our planet, many of us are beginning to adapt our behaviour in order to be kinder to the environment. Governments all over the world are putting measures in place to address the crisis, and here in the UK, this includes banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. With this in mind, if you’re in the market for a new car, it might be worthwhile to…

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Is Premium Fuel Worth the Money?

Posted on 16th November 2021 by Tyres Northampton

car being filled with unleaded fuel

With fuel prices spiralling upwards (the most expensive litre of fuel costs nearly £2), drivers all over the UK are now thinking harder about what sort of fuel they pump their vehicles with. With this in mind, the Tyres Northampton team thought that it would be a good idea to revisit the topic of premium fuel and discuss whether we think it’s worth the money or not. What’s the difference between petrol and super unleaded premium fuel? We can distinguish between regular fuels and premium fuels by something called an octane number, which is used to measure an engine’s performance. For…

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What do tyre efficiency ratings mean?

Posted on 12th October 2021 by Tyres Northampton

New tyres on rack at Tyres Northampton

Similar to household appliances, tyres also have efficiency ratings which are shown on compulsory tyre labels, as outlined by the EU. These ratings help buyers to make a more informed decision before they purchase a tyre. In this article, we’ll answer the most commonly asked questions about tyre efficiency ratings and tyre labels, to help you choose wisely the next time you need a fresh set. When did the tyre labels start being used? Tyre labels were made compulsory in November 2012 for every tyre sold within the EU. The format for these tyre labels is standardised, so that every brand…

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DIY Alloy Repair Vs Professional Alloy Repair

Posted on 13th September 2021 by Tyres Northampton

Black alloy wheel - DIY alloy repair vs professional alloy repair

You won’t be surprised to learn that a car’s wheels are among the most important parts of any vehicle to keep in good working order. Any faults or damage can prove costly, and can be dangerous to you and other road users. This includes alloy wheel alignment. Essential for a safe driving experience, if your car’s alignment is off you could find your vehicle veering to one side as you drive it – meaning it becomes unsafe to drive. You may think DIY alloy repair is simple, however, it can be well worth hiring professionals to carry out this kind of…

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How Does Heat Affect My Tyres?

Posted on 27th August 2021 by Tyres Northampton

We might take it for granted here in the UK, but not all countries get to enjoy seasonal weather. Enjoying the long, hot evenings in the summer and then being able to watch the leaves fall in the park in autumn is a privilege, after all. Our cars might not see it this way though. No, for them, the changing seasons can be a bit of a pain. Take summer, for example. Heat can do all sorts of things to our cars – particularly our tyres – if we’re not properly prepared for it, which is why this month the Tyres…

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Dog Car Sickness: How to Prevent & Cure It

Posted on 2nd August 2021 by Tyres Northampton

Puppy dog with nose between it's paws

While you might think that motion sickness and car sickness is a problem only humans encounter, sadly, this isn’t the case. That’s right, even our furry companions can get car sick from time to time, which can make us feel even more guilty because they probably didn’t want to take the trip in the first place. If you’ve noticed that your dog has been experiencing motion sickness in car journeys recently, or you’re worried that she might, we have compiled everything you need to know right here. How do I know if my puppy is feeling car sick? When humans start…

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How to Keep the Kids Busy on Long Car Journeys

Posted on 30th June 2021 by Tyres Northampton

Happy family in the car - keep kids busy during long car journeys

Even if you’re a fan of driving, long car journeys can be challenging for a number of reasons – it might be an unfamiliar route, an uninspiring drive or perhaps you’re driving with some young passengers and you’re concerned about how you’re going to keep their spirits up during your time on the road. Children are one of the biggest distractions to drivers, and so it’s important to keep them occupied for safety reasons as well as your own sanity. In this article, Tyres Northampton will talk you through some of the best ways to keep kids busy on long car…

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Continental Summer Rewards

Posted on 4th June 2021 by Tyres Northampton

Your drive just got even sweeter… Fit Continental tyres this summer and not only will you get award winning performance and safety, but you can claim a free Lifestyle eVoucher which can be used at some of the UK’s best loved brands, such as John Lewis, ASOS, Argos, Deliveroo and adidas. As well as the UK’s top retailers, it also covers cinemas, holidays and more than 16,000 dining and pub venues.   You can claim… £30* Lifestyle eVoucher when you purchase 2 or 3 (17” or above) Continental tyres.   £80* Lifestyle eVoucher when you purchase 4 or more (17” or…

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Is the UK on Track for the Petrol and Diesel Ban?

Posted on 25th May 2021 by Tyres Northampton

you're planning a trip around the UK with some friends but you can't use your car

Last year, the UK announced that the sale of petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2030. It sounds like an ambitious target, and in this article, we’ll look at the specifics of the ban, and whether the UK is on track to achieve it. 

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Spring Clean Your Car During COVID

Posted on 23rd April 2021 by Tyres Northampton

Car cleaning to prevent Coronavirus

The risk of catching coronavirus may be on the wane, but that doesn’t mean that any of us can start getting complacent. Recent announcements suggest that the virus will be around for the foreseeable future, so even though we can start mixing more, we still need to be very careful. One consequence of easing restrictions is that we might start having others in our cars more than we have been for the last year or so. We therefore need to think about how we can protect them and ourselves when that happens and how you might clean your car during COVID….

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