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Do F1 Tyres Have Anything in Common with Regular Tyres?

Posted on 20th March 2019 by Tyres Northampton

formula 1 tyres

With 2019’s Formula One World Championship now underway, marking the 70th overall, the team at Tyres Northampton felt it was time to answer a question that we get asked a lot: do F1 tyres have anything in common with regular tyres? In this article, we’ll create a brief overview of F1 racing and the current state of F1 tyres, before comparing them to the tyres which we use on a daily basis. F1: a brief overview First defined in 1946 by the Commission Sportive Internationale (CSI), Formula One is the premier single-seater, open-wheel racing category in international motorsport. For the past…

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How to Lower Your Carbon Footprint Whilst Driving

Posted on 18th January 2019 by Tyres Northampton

electric car sign

Despite our best efforts, global carbon pollution still reached unprecedented levels in 2018, quickly dashing the hopes that the world had already reached peak emissions. With energy demands still growing and many nations still unwilling to give up coal and oil, it looks like the battle to lower carbon emissions isn’t getting any easier. If you haven’t joined the battle yet, why not start now? In this article, the Tyres Northampton team will be detailing some ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint whilst driving. Maybe this year will be the year we see change – who knows? Can…

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Quiz: Could You Survive Without a Car?

Posted on 3rd January 2019 by Tyres Northampton

could you survive without a car quiz

In this day and age, we rely on our cars so much that it would be almost impossible to imagine what we would do without them. Well, this quiz is going to challenge you to do just that. Do you know the bus routes like the back of your hand? Or would you be a hopeless wreck without your trusty vehicle? Let’s find out!

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MOT and Driving Law Changes of 2018 You Need to Know. New Driving Laws in 2019

Posted on 11th December 2018 by Tyres Northampton

driving law changes - signs

Brush up on your knowledge of the driving laws in the UK as of 2018. There have been lots of changes made, from relaxing certain MOT rules to tightening up emissions laws, tax increases and all sorts. Are you ready to take on the highways of the UK in 2019? Read on to find out what you missed first time round. Contents: MOT changes Learner drivers on the motorway Hazard perception test improvements Car tax in 2018 New UK Driving Laws in 2019   MOT changes: stricter emissions and no test for historic vehicles Here are our top picks from the…

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Which European Countries Require Winter Tyres?

Posted on 13th November 2018 by Tyres Northampton

which European countries require winter tyres

If you’re looking to travel across Europe this winter, you’d be smart to know which countries require you to fit winter tyres. Many Eastern European nations and northern territories have mandatory safety requirements when it comes to tyre specifications. Read on to find out where and why you need specialist rubber to travel free and safe across this beautiful part of the world. See the map above for a quick guide as to where you’ll need winter tyres to travel. Click the map to maximise. France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland The Alps, Pyrenees, Sierra Nevada and other mountain ranges in these…

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Tyre Delamination. Causes & Early Warning Signs

Posted on 27th September 2018 by Tyres Northampton

tyre delamination

Tyre delamination is an unfortunate process where a tyre separates into its various component parts. Tyre delamination can also be referred to as tyre belt separation. There are many causes of delamination which we will touch upon here but the key ones are overloading and underinflation.  Modern radial and bias ply tyres rarely fail or cause crashes. However, when failure of a tyre has occurred the most common cause is tyre delamination. What Causes Tyre Delamination? A variety of root causes are attributable to the tyre delamination process. The more common causes are: Improper inflation Excessive tyre wear High speed High…

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Which Tyres Should You Buy? Different Types of Tyres Explained

Posted on 10th September 2018 by Tyres Northampton

Our cars are versatile. They run year-round, whatever the weather and, depending on the model, they go just about anywhere. If you’d like to further improve the performance, efficiency, reliability or economy of your car, the first place to look is your tyres. That’s because tyres aren’t just made to fit a certain size of wheel. Many tyres are made to offer specific characteristics and perform specific tasks to a high standard. This includes driving in freezing or snowy weather, tackling off-road courses and grassy fields or even running perfectly despite a puncture. Here, we’ll give you the definitive guide to…

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How to Check Tyre Tread with 20p

Posted on 13th August 2018 by Tyres Northampton

how to check your tyre tread with 20p illustration

The simplest way to check the tread of your tyres is to use a 20p piece. In a matter of seconds, you’ll know whether a tyre is safely within the legal limit or whether it will cause MOT failure, in which case your vehicle can’t return to the road until it has a new tyre or tyres. Checking tyre tread depth using 20p Take a normal 20 pence piece Insert it into the three main treads that go around each tyre. If you cannot see the outer band of the 20 pence piece, your tyres are perfectly legal and have many…

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Top 10 Features That Drivers Want in Their Cars

Posted on 10th August 2018 by Tyres Northampton

Research by Hyundai Motor UK in June 2018 shows Britons are united when it comes to the latest technologies they look for when buying a new car. Other interesting facts include the 71% of drivers who believe price is the most important factor, followed by reliability, type of fuel, comfort and fuel economy tailgating closely behind. The creature comforts of car buyers are also comparable across the board, with the following 10 being top on the list. 1. Air Conditioning No modern car is complete without climate control at your fingertips. The current unpredictability of the seasons means cranking up the…

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MOT test changes 20 May 2018 – Will your car pass MOT?

Posted on 18th May 2018 by Tyres Northampton

May 2018 sees the biggest shakeup to MOT testing rules since the test’s inception in 1960. Back then, cars didn’t need testing until they were 10 years old! As strange as that may seem, the government is introducing new rules for classic cars over 40 years old which would mean no MOT test necessary to drive on the public highway. On top of that, the date of a new cars first MOT will be increasing to 4 years since purchase and diesel vehicle owners can expect stringent new safety rules concerning emissions and particulates. Let’s dig a little deeper into the…

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