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How Clean is Your Car?

Posted on 19th March 2020 by Tyres Northampton

Car cleaning to prevent Coronavirus

In the current climate, with the Covid-19 pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, it’s important that we are as clean as possible in every aspect of our lives, including our cars. Tyres Northampton will talk you through how to keep your car as clean as can be. Car germ stats: – There are roughly 700 different types of bacteria living in our vehicles – They can be split into two categories; staphylococcus and propionibacterium – The former type is responsible for skin infections, food poisoning and MRSA, while the other breeds inflammations and infections – Overall, our cars contain over…

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New MOT Rules for 2020

Posted on 26th February 2020 by Tyres Northampton

mechanics carrying out MOTS

New year, new rules! In 2020, new MOT regulations will come into effect, and it’s important that drivers are aware of what they need to do and how the rule changes will affect them. In this article, Tyres Northampton are going to run through the new rules and explain what they mean for you.   New MOT Rules The MOT is being updated for 2020, with new categories and checks in place that motorists must be aware of. The categories are: Dangerous – a direct risk to road safety or the environment. These faults result in a fail. Major – Could…

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Do You Need Tyre Socks and Snow Chains?

Posted on 31st January 2020 by Tyres Northampton

Snow chain being put on a tyre

On average, the UK gets around 23.7 days of snowfall and sleet a year, with Scotland receiving a much higher average of 38.1 days of snowfall. At the other end of the scale, Cornwall gets just 7.4 days of snowfall. Interestingly, a lot of this snowfall doesn’t settle; there’s 15.6 days of snow on the ground in the UK and 26.2 days in Scotland. For those days when snow is on the ground, vehicles on normal tyres may struggle, but fear not: there are some ways to give your car a little extra grip. What are tyre socks? Tyre socks are…

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How to Replace MOT Certificate

Posted on 24th December 2019 by Tyres Northampton

If your car is over three years old, the law dictates it must undergo an MOT test every year to ensure optimum safety when driving on the road. An MOT certificate is crucial if you plan to sell your car, as any prospective buyer will want to see the certificate before purchase – as proof your car is roadworthy. An MOT certificate is also useful if you’ve been in a car accident, as any insurance claim you make will need proof your car was suitable for the road and without one you may miss out on a large payout.  In 2018,…

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Stopping Distances in Winter

Posted on 14th October 2019 by Tyres Northampton

car stopping in winter on the snow

It’s common knowledge that winter weather affects the stopping distance of cars, but just how much can it affect it?  One of the biggest causes of road traffic accidents is tailgating, as driving too close to the rear of the car in front doesn’t give you ample stopping time. When driving, it’s important to consider all the potential dangers and hazards you could encounter. In this article, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about stopping distances and what you can do to shorten your car’s stopping distance. What is a stopping distance? Stopping distance is the thinking…

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How to Reuse Old Tyres: 8 Ideas

Posted on 10th September 2019 by Tyres Northampton

tyre planter from old tyres

Although all tyres will eventually become inadequate for road use, many of them will end up in landfills, destined to pollute the earth for millions of years. Instead of letting the tyres go to waste, you could try getting creative and reusing them for other purposes.  Many of these suggestions could be done as an activity with the kids, creating some quality family time and producing some practical and useful features, to use in your home or garden.  Tyre planter Probably one of the easiest ways to upcycle your tyre, as you can simply place the tyre in a visible area…

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All You Need to Know About Mixing Tyres

Posted on 1st August 2019 by Tyres Northampton

When your tyres come to the end of their life, you may be thinking about mixing tyres, either by using tyres of different tread patterns or brands on the same vehicle. Most manufacturers will recommend that you do not mix tyres if you can help it, as it may cause issues on the road. There are some rare exceptions, as you may need to replace just one of two tyres due to accidental damage or general wear and tear. In this article we’ll give you the lowdown on what you need to know before you mix your tyres. Mixing different tyre…

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8 Speed Camera Myths Uncovered

Posted on 1st July 2019 by Tyres Northampton

Speed cameras – the bane of all road users, or a life-saving deterrent? The answer: probably a bit of both. This might be why there are so many different attitudes towards them. While some motorists treat them with respect, slowing right down when they know one is in the vicinity, others treat them as an obstacle to be overcome, something to be evaded or tested. Whichever camp you fall into, you’re probably aware that there is plenty of misinformation regarding speed cameras in circulation.  Myths that we uncover in this article: Myth: Speed cameras are always on Myth: Speed cameras can’t…

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Worst UK Roads to Drive On

Posted on 17th May 2019 by Tyres Northampton

worst roads in united kingdom

While we probably all have our least favourite roads to drive on – be it because of potholes, potential for tailbacks or simply because they’re right in the city centre – you can always find solace in the thought that there are some much worse – and more dangerous – roads out there. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at exactly which roads these are, so you’ve got a bit of mental ammunition next time you’re stuck trying to negotiate your tarmac-based nemesis. The A1 (through Rutland) Surprisingly, sandwiched between counties with relatively few road traffic collisions, the stretch…

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Why Tyres Go Flat: 10 Causes of Tyre Deflation

Posted on 29th April 2019 by Tyres Northampton

flat deflated tyre

Whether it’s because you got a bit overzealous when inflating your tyres, or you experienced an untimely puncture on the motorway, tyres become deflated for all manner of reasons. Keep reading to find out the ten main causes of tyre deflation. 1. Wear Over time, your tyres are guaranteed to wear down. Once this wear and tear reaches a certain point, your tyres are in danger of ripping – something which will inevitably lead to deflation if the rip develops far enough. All you need to know about types of tyre wear and causes of wear 2. Delamination Tyre delamination is…

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